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Jun 15, 2013 03:57 PM

MacKenzie's, Mendham closing

Friends were there for lunch today and were told that today was there last day. The owners are changing it to an Italian restaurant. I have mixed feelings. The food was never particularly good, but it was convenient to grab a burger and a beer. Recently they seemed to have been trying to upgrade their menu, but I guess it wasn't enough to save them from the chopping block. Seriously, though - yet another Italian restaurant?

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  1. I'm guessing there's high profit margins with pasta (and pizza). I sometimes wonder if NJ has more Italian restaurants per square mile than any other state...

    Well, there's this... the fifth paragraph kinda sums it up...

    1. Interesting that they choose to go Italian....Dante's is literally steps away, and has been in business for years. Though to be honest, I welcome the competition between the two, Dante's has been slipping a lot as of late, and using sub par ingredients in cost cutting measures, such as frozen pre made breaded chicken cutlets. I just cannot see paying those prices for those awful frozen chicken patties, seriously they were not even breaded cutlets, they were large chicken nuggets. (the reason I stopped patronizing their sit down restaurant, though they still do a good pizza)

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        I stopped going to Dante's years ago. It just wasn't good. I think they'd be out of business if it weren't for the pizza.

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          The only reason I get pizza there is they are better then the other two pizza joints in town, (who are owned by the same family) The other places, I'd rather eat the box the pie comes in, though I'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between their pies and the box. Thankfully I usually make my own pies. Dante's is only a last ditch option. Serious lack of good dining options around here.