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Jun 15, 2013 03:18 PM

Lutong Mekeni-Filipino Hog Heaven

Many say that the Lechon from the Phillipines is the best pork dish in the world. I've never been there but can say that Lutong Mekeni off of University Ave in St Paul makes some tasty pork. I had the Hamonadong Pata which is a sticky sweet Ham Hock. It falls off the bone and the abundant fat covering it makes it a sweet rich dish. I also had Pork adobo. Adobo is the national dish of the Phillipines and Lutong characterizes the best aspects of Adobo...The savory of the pork with the tang of vinegar and saltiness of soy blend well with the pork. They didn't even have Lechon on the menu but they usually do. The Menu changes weekly and they are only open Saturdays for lunch untill they finish their kitchen. Check out their facebook page on Friday as they post the menu for the next day. My first Filipino food experience and I am excited to try more.

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    1. Went here a couple Saturdays ago, this place is great. Jun, the owner/chef, came over and asked my mother and I about our familiarity with Filipino food then proceeded to bring out samples of most of the dishes. We went with Lechon and Menudo, both were fantastic.

      Food is good, people are awesome, go here.

      1. Yup. Three of us went there 2 weeks ago and loved it. All dishes were jnknown to us. I had nothing bad but a few absolutely wonderful dishes. My fav was tarot-leaves in cocunt milk. Owner came over, very friendly, gave samples, suggested dishes. Even the white rice was better than average, flavorful. Filipino menudo is unlike Mexican, more like stew, no tripe in it. We had pork belly, bifsteak (flank I think), assorted veggies, milkfish and more I can't recall now. $42 for the three of us. But you could order less and it would be cheaper. We didn't know what we were doing and I would say we ordered too much food.