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Jun 15, 2013 01:50 PM

Where to stop and eat/shop/check out on the way to Napane from Toronto?

In a couple weeks, a friend and I are driving from Toronto to Napanee and want to stop and checkout some of the local sights and foods on the way to and from. So far we will be stopping at:
- Sunshine Market (I think that is the name. It's a butcher and small grocer) in Colborne, south of the Big Apple
- Betty's Tarts in Cobourg
- Buster Rhino's in Oshawa

Any other recommendations are welcome! Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Actually it is worth stopping at Napanee Fish & Chips for lunch. Even their non-fish items are good. Well priced and delicious. Something different from the fast food along the 401. I think it is exit 579 about 30 seconds north of the 401, if that.

    BTW- I haven't had a pie from the big apple in several years, but I don't recall them being very good.

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      Thanks! Oh yes, the Big Apple pies are AWFUL! But, I heard that they went through a renovation and have tried to improve their pie.

      1. re: Shari_Toronto

        Good luck. I hope they've improved their pies... it would be a nice place to stop. (We travel to Montreal several times a year.)