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Jun 15, 2013 12:50 PM

Brunch at Zocalo - Why Have I Never Heard of This Place Before?!?

Just had brunch at Zocalo. I was still... paying for last night's sins so I forgot to take any pictures but the food here is fantastic! Like I absolutely want to go back and try more things.

The eggs were poached perfectly to be still runny on your really dense multigrain toast. The standout was the house made sausage link which gets a lot of it's flavour from various herbs. The sausage is also clearly made in-house or at least is made recently and not frozen. A lot of things also seem to come with apple relish, which is meh.

Also sampled someone elses' falafel and you could also get a great sense of chickpeas and lentils and they are really delicately fried, not oily at ALL.

This is one of the best brunch experiences in a while. Almost on par with Emma's Country, if you can believe.

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