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Jun 15, 2013 12:25 PM

baking soda in water as meat tenderizer

tried an Am. Test Kitchen recipe that used Baking Soda in water as a meat tenderizer (rinse off meat and pat dry). Stir fry strips of boneless country ribs. Worked great. Can I use this technique for beef kabobs?

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  1. You can use it for anything

    But can always taste the baking soda.

    If it works for you,go for it.

    1. It works well for stir-fry because the meat is usually cut into strips, or small dice. As you know it changes the color of the meat but it's a non-issue because you normally marinate it afterwards. IMO I'd use a powdered tenderizer for the beef for kebabs.

      1. This has been mentioned many times here. The answer to your question is that yes it can work, especially for stir fry meat because the solution can get through. For kabobs, you will have to do so longer.

        As for rinse off meat.... well, there are two ways really. First, use a relatively concentrated baking soda to tenderize the meat, and then rinse off the excessive solution. Second, use a much smaller amount of baking soda, and no rinsing is needed.