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What should I do with fresh apricots that is not a baked sweet?

Have a basket. Drawing a blank. In salad? Grilled?

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  1. Apricot and goats cheese salad with toasted sunflower seeds.
    Make a quick apricot chutney and serve with grilled mackerel.
    Apricot compote and serve with Greek youghurt.

    1. was served lamb burgers last week at a cook-out that had fresh rosemary and bits of apricot in them. excellent.

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          This. They're my favorite fruit to add to a chicken tagine.

        2. If they are wonderful, I'm thinking keep it simple: eat out of hand, with a cheese plate, or halved with a cheese filling topped with pistachio or walnut.

          1. If you have enough, I love apricot almond marmalade...apricots plus sugar to taste, cook to desired texture, and add toasted slivered almonds

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                2nd grilled and served with cheese and crusty bread.

                1. re: HillJ

                  Or as a side dish. Or with good vanilla ice cream.

              2. Chutney! With roasted garlic. On grilled chicken.
                You can make candied or dried apricots if you have too much.
                They're also great thinly sliced and put in turkey sandwiches for a little twist.

                1. Jam or compote.
                  I love palatschinken filled with apricot compote. Haven't tried, since I usually order it in restaurants, but here is a recipe: http://www.bigoven.com/recipe/163489/...
                  Apricot fool.http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/16...

                  1. I make this all summer long (and in fact made it earlier today): make a simple syrup of about 1/2 cup water and 1/4 cup sugar in large pot. Add your pitted apricots and simmer until very soft, about 30 -- 45 minutes. I then like to use an immersion blender and push through a strainer, then return to pot and taste for sweet/sour. If you like I sweeter, make a little more simple syrup; if you like it tarter, add a little lemon juice. You could add straight sugar, but need it to dissolve fully; straight sugar can also darken the color. I occasionally add a little vanilla at the end. It keeps in the fridge for a couple weeks.

                    Anyway, we use this sauce jam/sauce for everything from yogurt and oatmeal to ice cream and toast. It's also great for baking thumbprint type cookies.

                    1. somebody this week was poaching them in wine -- don't remember who.

                      Grilled are awesome.

                      But when they're juicy and fragrant and sweet, my friends have been known to contemplate an intervention.

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                        I guess I'm not that memorable.ha!..I'm still poaching fruit in wine, including apricots.

                        1. re: HillJ

                          actually, I just came back to post that it was you, after reading the updates on the other thread. lol

                          I thought it was you, but I wasn't sure enough to say.

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                            Funny that, sun. I stumbled back on this thread to read up on new comments on how to enjoy and use apricots and saw yours. sitting in my lounge chair, drinking iced coffee watching the tube and reading along, your comment made me giggle.

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                              The apricots are so good right now I'll have to run to Costco on Monday and pick up some more.

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                            Was that in a WFD thread? I can't find it quickly by searching. Poached in wine sounds really good, maybe with some vanilla ice cream.

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                              tcamp, it was in the "why do you like wine" thread on the Wine Board. I really didn't offer a method, just mentioned that poaching fruit (pears especially, peaches & apricots) is one good reason to like wine.

                              have you ever tried wine poaching fruit?

                        2. I got some apricots at Costco recently, no smell, no flavor except for some tartness. BUT- I diced a couple up in a glass, poured tequila over it, wamed it a little in the microwave, and that apricot flavor really came out- it was amazing. I imagine it would do something similar when grilled, please let us know..

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                            No kidding, EW. I'm about to pick up another tray from Costco, they were super sweet, ripe and delicious. I've never tried apricots with warmed tequila tho.

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                              What I will say about grilling stone fruit is you gotta keep a good eye on them especially if the fruit is good & ripe. They will go from amazing to mushy in seconds.

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                                Well, you should! My apricots had no flavor to speak of until they got "the treatment". Yours wilol probably be over the top wonderful if they're good to begin with! Let me know, if you tried them.
                                Sometimes I get so jazzed by the summer fruit arriving, I buy it before it's really the season for it..

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                                  Salsa, good one! I've been making mango-pineapple salsa every few days so I'm mentally slapping myself for not coming up with the idea.

                                  1. I've used them sliced into an Asian stir fry after the meat and vegetables are almost done.

                                    1. apricots/necatrines/peaches -- all stone fruits -- play very nicely with almonds. love them diced and tossed into an herb/almond/feta salad.

                                      to those who grill them, goat cheese and bleu cheese pair beautifully.

                                      1. I've been meaning to make this grilled peach and bacon salad forever - I think apricots would be fabulous as well:


                                        You could also cook them a bit and then puree for cocktails - apricot bellinis would be great, or they'd be a lovely addition to a white sangria. Red sangria too, for that matter!

                                        1. Wrapped in Panchetta and Grilled or Roasted, with Thyme or Rosemary in a nice addition