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yard sale finds today

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Was actually hoping to find a BEACH CHAIR for tomorrow's day at the beach in Ocean City, NJ... no luck!?!

Did find a few things that I was willing to buy. Spent less than $8. A dozen wide-mouth Mason jars WITH lids and rings for $2! Can ALWAYS use them if for nothing else than storing beans, little pastas, rice, etc.

THREE Wolfgang Puck Santoku knives (5", 7", & 9") for a QUARTER a piece?? I'm thinking probably a HSN or QVC purchase? Blades didn't looked banged up. Hauled out sharpener and they got a pretty darn sharp edge on them now. Realize they're probably middle of the road at best, but better than a few other knives I have.

For $5 picked up a Cuisinart "Griddler"... grill/griddle/panini press. Was shown that it actually worked. Griddle inserts looked like never used. Grill inserts show a little bit of the non-stick gone on top of ridges, but over all clean. Outside was a bit sticky, but cleaned up fine. Would NEVER think of spending $100 for something to make grilled sandwiches in... not when I have perfectly good CAST IRON stuff.

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      1. Worst case scenario... knives and Griddler suck and I donate them to a thrift shop.

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          don't know about the knives but +++++1 on the griddler!

          1. Awesome! you did great...I find great stuff goodwill too

              1. Wow, great finds. No longer a yard sale shopper because I actually don't need anything else and don't have room for it.

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                  Hi, escondido: "I actually don't need anything else and don't have room for it."

                  Since when is that a reason not to hit yard sales? The last time I went to a community yard sale with that attitude, I came home with a near-new sickle mower for my pasture for next to nothing.

                  For me, need is an elastic concept that enlarges in the presence of quality and value. My keys are not spending *much* and always discarding after I trade up.