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Jun 15, 2013 10:50 AM

yard sale finds today

Was actually hoping to find a BEACH CHAIR for tomorrow's day at the beach in Ocean City, NJ... no luck!?!

Did find a few things that I was willing to buy. Spent less than $8. A dozen wide-mouth Mason jars WITH lids and rings for $2! Can ALWAYS use them if for nothing else than storing beans, little pastas, rice, etc.

THREE Wolfgang Puck Santoku knives (5", 7", & 9") for a QUARTER a piece?? I'm thinking probably a HSN or QVC purchase? Blades didn't looked banged up. Hauled out sharpener and they got a pretty darn sharp edge on them now. Realize they're probably middle of the road at best, but better than a few other knives I have.

For $5 picked up a Cuisinart "Griddler"... grill/griddle/panini press. Was shown that it actually worked. Griddle inserts looked like never used. Grill inserts show a little bit of the non-stick gone on top of ridges, but over all clean. Outside was a bit sticky, but cleaned up fine. Would NEVER think of spending $100 for something to make grilled sandwiches in... not when I have perfectly good CAST IRON stuff.

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      1. Worst case scenario... knives and Griddler suck and I donate them to a thrift shop.

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        1. re: kseiverd

          don't know about the knives but +++++1 on the griddler!

          1. Awesome! you did great...I find great stuff goodwill too