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Jun 15, 2013 10:15 AM


does any one know the progress of Eataly marketplace- we will be visiting the first week in October and hope to go there

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  1. Looks like they're shooting for an opening date in November now...

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    1. re: Coogles

      thanks, i guess we will have to plan a december trip too. is the christkindlmarket worth a trip?

      1. re: mstadnik

        Well, I wouldn't consider it a "destination" - so I wouldn't change any plans just to go there - but if you happen to be in the Loop anyway, you could easily stop by, then leave if and when you're not overwhelmed (don't get your hopes up). After all, within a few blocks you have some other worthy food stops, like Intelligentsia Coffee, Toni Patisserie, Do-Rite Donuts, and Garrett Popcorn, and the French Market is only a bit further, so all will not be lost.