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Jun 15, 2013 07:37 AM

Mango Ripening Time?

I was in Florida several days ago and picked up a half dozen big green mangos from a fellow who had an orchard/grove of trees on Merritt Island. They are big fruit. Some have a red blush.

I was very excited about home grown mangos. I packed them up in my suitcase and brought them back to CT.

The grower told me they'd be ripe in about three days. It's been more like five and they are all pretty hard. Any suggestions? Should I pop them in a paper bag or look for recipes for green mango?

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  1. You are insanely lucky. Merritt Island was once famous for the wide variety of cooking and eating mangos cultivated there.

    Mangos come in all colors, so do not wait for a red blush. They start to rot from the inside out. Try one now. And do not be surprised if they do not taste anything like the ones shipped from Central America.