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Jun 15, 2013 07:29 AM

Jazziz Nighlife Brunch?

Anyone been to their jazz brunch? We are going to dinner on Thursday to see David Sanborn but was considering brunch tomorrow as well. Anyone?

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  1. Haven't been but I can vouch for the chef Justin Flit who was prev sous at Bourbon Steak. Talented. Report back...

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      Went last night. Confusion at the door annoyed alot of people and they really need to get their act together on that. Also, paid for VIP seating but after getting there realized we could have just paid for general OR sat at the bar where you didn't need to pay. Anyway, the food was good and we'll definitely go back. We shared a buffalo rock shrimp w/blue cheese (they have a part of the menu they call sharing). Then DH had caesar and free range chicken breast with grilled asparagus and I had a very tasty filet with potato gratin. DH rarely drinks so I had a nice bottle of J Pinot Gris to myself.