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Jun 15, 2013 07:21 AM

Luminato 2013 and other festivals this summer

Luminato (today and tomorrow) has a food festival component that somehow involves children making food alongside chefs, coordinated by locavore Joshna Maharaj. There are also $5 food vendors at the Distillery District.

ROM Friday Night Live has been partly a fun food festival as well, with many different food vendors each Friday all around the museum for $6 per item.

Does anyone know which food vendors if any are at AGO First Thursdays?

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  1. Also part of Luminato is a rotating series of foodtrucks in David Pecaut Square (Metro Hall). I walked by late last night and there was Caplansky's, Stufft and Gourmet Bitches. Got a turducken sausage which hit the spot at midnight.

    Here's some more info:

    And if you follow the site on Twitter they are posting the schedules for the trucks:

    1. There's also the Night It Up! asian-style night market in July:

        1. Did anyone go to the Luminato food event today? Feedback?

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            I went to the Distillery event and it was excellent!

            Lineup was solid good. Tickets were $5 each and the value was actually pretty good. I would go again.

            We did housemade pasta from Vertical, strawberry shortcake from Andrea's Gerrard Street Bakery, doughnuts and an ice cream sandwich from LPK and a pizza slice from Queen Margherita. (the slice included a coupon for a free pizza at the restaurant!) We were there when things first opened so there were no lineups.

            Atmosphere is actually a ton of fun! There are a bunch of kids going around helping the chefs. Nothing more fun than watching enthusiastic kids with chefs. Vertical's chef was showing the kids how to make pasta, it was hilarious!

          2. I heard from the guys at the Harbbord room that this event at the Distillery was a disaster for the chefs involved. They were told to bring each day enough food for 1,000 people. Harbord Room did artisinal hotdogs and frozen yoghurt and Momofuko was beside them and did Pork Buns.

            The first day they only sold a couple of hundred portions not the Thousand that was expected. Momofuko did not even come back for the second day because it was such a waste of time. On the second day HR only sold half of what they did the first day...

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              I know there were issues with duplication - ie Andrea's was doing shortcake and so was Loblaws. There were also 3 taco vendors. Too bad!

              1. re: pourboi

                Why wasn't there any advertising for this event? It seems like the only advertising out there made it sound like a kids event. We just happened to be at the Distillery but had no idea this was happening. Lucky to stumble across it. Usually these events are packed but no line ups. We took advantage. President's Choice serving the same dessert as Andrea's Gerrard St. Bakery was in bad taste. Her shortcake was incredible! Too bad Momofuku didn't come back on Sunday. Their pork bun was to die for. 3 vendors doing tacos was just poor organization. Looked like PC wanted all the attention.

                1. re: hanks

                  Even PC didn't advertise the event! Ridiculously bad PR/marketing. On Sunday the vendors held off opening til 2 pm because of the rain. It was already clearing up before noon! Sounds like most lost tons of money.

                2. re: pourboi

                  I would say it was "Advertised" but they didn't get the "social media" people on it enough, let the blogs know, not much buzz on twitter/etc. There was a lot more buzz about the "1000s tastes' thing in past years and that brought people out to check it out.

                  I had lunch already when I walked by in the afternoon but I laughed at what some vendors were trying to sell for one ticket ($5 )... There as definitely some stuff I would have loved to try if I hadn't been full.