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Jun 15, 2013 06:17 AM

Don's Bogum

Anyone been to this Korean restaurant on East 32nd Street? It was recommended to me but I would like a Chowhound's advice on what to order.

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  1. Do you mean Don's Bogam? It's a Korean BBQ place, with a sake bar up front.

    I got there for the Korean BBQ (usually the marinated beef platter, or seafood).

    1. I have been, it is a much more pleasant environment/more upscale than other korean bbq nearby. The more people coming the better since ordering a platter of meat/fish and sharing. The waitstaff will manage the bbq for you. I loved the japchae seafood pancake and bbq mushrooms, i dont eat meat but others with me enjoyed the shortribs and bulgolgi

      1. its generally one of the better BBQ restaurants in ktown. they are known for their wine marinated samgyupsal (pork belly), their kalbi is decent as well. I don't find it amazing, but better than the other spots in ktown. their non-BBQ dishes are so so although their maewoon daegu tang (spicy cod fish stew) was decent last time

        gaonnuri has better kalbi than they do though (better meat quality)

        as others said its slightly more upscale than the other places in ktown