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Jun 15, 2013 05:49 AM

Four nights in SF and 4 nights in wine country

I am looking for the top 4 fine dining restaurants in the San Francisco area as well as the top 4 in the Napa/ Sonoma /Calistoga area. We will be there in mid Augustand would love some suggestions. I have been to Chez Panisse in Berkely and Aqurello in SF and enjoyed both experiences very much. I have also been to The French Laundry in Napa and the restaurant at Solage but found fewerdining options in that area. I would love to hear if these are still great choices as well as many other suggestions . I understand the Laundry is impossible to get into but surely there are other great options. Also I know SF must have some amazing places to try as well...........suggestions please!

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  1. This thread may be of some interest, although it is not totally devoted to "fine dining."

    Acquerello is still well regarded. Perbacco and Quince are 2 other Italian/Cal-Ital places well worth seeking out.

    1. There have been a ton of posts on this this week. So please scan or do a search. But as to formal dining options in Sf and Napa:

      In SF, French Laundry price range:
      Atelier Crenn - Very earnest, the chef writes a poem. Most beautiful plating I've ever seen. Dishes range from excellent to meh. Dessert is great. Only one bathroom. Service is well-meaning but not polished.
      Benu - Very professional, like clockwork. Former chef at French Laundry. Flavorful food with an Asian twist. Had a very enjoyable meal there. Wine pairings are really really good.
      Saison - The chef is on his own planet making his own creations - almost a subsidized artist. From what I've read, experimental ingredient combos but not fussy. NYTimes loved it and it has had favorable reviews on this board. Very expensive - you don't get to see the menu beforehand and they have a very strict reservations policy.


      Quince - slightly below in price. Very enjoyable, service is great food is flavorful. Wine list and pairings are excellent. Nothing "wow'd" but had a really solid meal there.


      In Napa, French Laundry price range:

      Meadowood - I haven't been, and there hasn't been enough reviews for me to solidly say if it's worth it or not.


      You should absolutely go to Redd for dinner if you can fit it in.