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Uses for Kimchi

I buy kimchi and I like it. I usually have a salad as a meal or a side, so kimchi as a side feels just too... leafy. I'd like to incorporate it into things. Since I also eat low carb - fried rice is not an option.

I made a great dish with broccoli, baked tofu, a little ground flax, some ginger and good soy sauce. That's a keeper. I also pulverized the kimchi to create a dressing for a salad. Meh - could've been better, but it did help me clean out the fridge so I still count it as a success.

I'll probably have kimchi and eggs for breakfast tomorrow.

Any other brilliant ideas?

Thanks Veg/Vegan board!

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  1. Thank you for that last line. I was going to say it is perfect added to a KFC chicken sandwich.

    If you eat fish, try using it as part of a stuffing for an oily fish, such as blue fish.

    1. As a slaw substitute, chopped, on top of a hot dog.

      That may seem both anti-low carb AND not veg/vegan, but there are certainly ways to have a veggie dog without bread but with kimchi slaw.

      1. Here are six vegetarian suggestions, ranging from fried rice (you can ignore, or do cauliflower based faux fried rice) to dumplings to quesadillas.


        1. sounds weird but it is good in cottage cheese... I also have stired it up with tofu and fried it chopped it and made lettuce wraps with it

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            if you like South Indian food, I'd suggest you make an uttapam with it. I've had a kimchi with spinach uttapam at a fab local restaurant and it's delicious.

          2. kim chi: infinite and varied purposes.

            try it with anything cheese. as a filling for onigiri (japanese rice balls). on a veggie/mushroom burger. as a riff on chicken cacciatore. rolled up with tofu in summer rolls. in quesadillas. in soup. omelets or frittatas or quiche. in dumplings. in tofu stew (kimchi soondubu). on any sandwich. in deviled eggs. as part of a salad, as part of stuffing for peppers, on veggie sausage or hot dogs, etc...

            1. I hate to be a downer, but double check the ingredients on your kimchi for not-so-vegetarian/vegan ingredients. Spelling and Korean courtesy of Wikipedia: myeolchijeot (hangul: 멸치젓, brined anchovy allowed to ferment) or saeujeot (hangul: 새우젓, brined shrimp allowed to ferment), myeolchiaekjeot (Hangul: 멸치액젓, "kkanariaekjeot" 까나리액젓, liquid anchovy jeot, similar to fish sauce used in Southeast Asia, but thicker).

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                Both prepared kimchis I eat are vegetarian - no fish.

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                  Glad to hear it. Which brands to you buy?

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                        The kimchi that Trader Joe's sells (in a foil pouch) is vegan, as well, for those with access to TJ's. It's quite good.

                  1. Kimchi is yummy in a cold soba salad with a soy sauce/toasted sesame oil dressing with some fresh julienned cucumber, toasted sesame seeds, chopped green onions, and maybe some grilled, fried or deep fried tofu slices. :)

                    1. Totally loving kimchi this year.

                      Our favourites:
                      1. Sweet potato fries, jackfruit pulled pork with kimchi and mayo (aka Korean poutine)
                      2. Chickpea flour pancakes with kimchi inside and overtop
                      3. Kimchi and avocado with citrus
                      4. Tofu scramble (or eggs) with kimchi


                      1. We had a very nice tofu and kimchi hotpot at Hangawi, a vegan Korean restaurant in NYC. It seemed to be tofu squares, veggie/kimchi broth, well-cooked (till soft) kim chi, and a few of those soft rice cakes used in Korean food. There weren't a lot of those and you could skip them.
                        I'd recommend some ginger and sesame oil in the broth, too.

                        1. Saute it with bacon fat....so so good.

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                            Vegetarian or vegan - wrong board there, Monica.

                          2. Since you are low/no carb here are a few ideas I thought of.

                            Add it to vegetable soup or hot and sour soup.

                            grilled tofu and kimchi lettuce wraps

                            Rice wine Cucumber salad with kimchi, carrots and onion.

                            1. I like adding kimchi to pad thai or to Thai curries. -- It goes well with coconut milk.

                              Good in a tofu scramble

                              Good in summer rolls (if you fill them with lettuce, sprouts and other veg and soy matter instead of rice noodles, the carb count with just the rice paper cover is pretty low.)

                              If you mince it fine and add it along with some of the juice, to equal parts sour cream and mayo, along with a splash or two of some rice wine vinegar and any herbs and seasonings you want, it makes a nice dip or sauce. This can also be thinned out to make a creamy salad dressing.

                              Great in chili, lentil soup or any kind of beans/legumes.

                              Egg salad.

                              Quiche (crustless or nut crust)

                              Cream soups or creamy -- cream of cauliflower soup made with roasted cauliflower and kimchi is yummy.

                              Mix with peanut butter, a little soy sauce and a bit of Chinese black vinegar to make a spicy peanut or satay-style sauce -- great over steamed or sauteed veg or shirataki noodles.

                              Saute' with tempeh, onion, tomato and Mexican seasonings for a great taco filling-type mix that can be baked layered with thinly sliced zucchini and cheese for a really tasty Tex-Mex casserole.

                              I sometimes put minced kimchi in raita with cucumbers and grated ginger. A nice side to Indian veg main dishes.

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                                Those are some awsome ideas...!!

                              2. You are all stars! Thanks so much for your recommendations. My Kimchi world has opened up.

                                V/V board rocks!