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Jun 15, 2013 01:06 AM

Uses for Kimchi

I buy kimchi and I like it. I usually have a salad as a meal or a side, so kimchi as a side feels just too... leafy. I'd like to incorporate it into things. Since I also eat low carb - fried rice is not an option.

I made a great dish with broccoli, baked tofu, a little ground flax, some ginger and good soy sauce. That's a keeper. I also pulverized the kimchi to create a dressing for a salad. Meh - could've been better, but it did help me clean out the fridge so I still count it as a success.

I'll probably have kimchi and eggs for breakfast tomorrow.

Any other brilliant ideas?

Thanks Veg/Vegan board!

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  1. Thank you for that last line. I was going to say it is perfect added to a KFC chicken sandwich.

    If you eat fish, try using it as part of a stuffing for an oily fish, such as blue fish.

    1. As a slaw substitute, chopped, on top of a hot dog.

      That may seem both anti-low carb AND not veg/vegan, but there are certainly ways to have a veggie dog without bread but with kimchi slaw.

      1. Here are six vegetarian suggestions, ranging from fried rice (you can ignore, or do cauliflower based faux fried rice) to dumplings to quesadillas.

        1. sounds weird but it is good in cottage cheese... I also have stired it up with tofu and fried it chopped it and made lettuce wraps with it

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            if you like South Indian food, I'd suggest you make an uttapam with it. I've had a kimchi with spinach uttapam at a fab local restaurant and it's delicious.

          2. kim chi: infinite and varied purposes.

            try it with anything cheese. as a filling for onigiri (japanese rice balls). on a veggie/mushroom burger. as a riff on chicken cacciatore. rolled up with tofu in summer rolls. in quesadillas. in soup. omelets or frittatas or quiche. in dumplings. in tofu stew (kimchi soondubu). on any sandwich. in deviled eggs. as part of a salad, as part of stuffing for peppers, on veggie sausage or hot dogs, etc...