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Jun 14, 2013 09:49 PM

Porcetta & Co - so good it should be banned!

I have no words, serious pig love, all that rosemary flavour and that salty crackling....mmmm - I need to handcuff myself to my couch so that I stop raiding the fridge for that stuff!! Those guys should be arrested for causing new addictive behaviour!!

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    1. My only problem lately has been that the special sandwiches/dishes they've been doing on the weekends always draw me away from the pig, must correct that next time, I need a pig fix.

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      1. re: bytepusher

        Tell me you had some of the fried chicken...

        1. re: justxpete

          OMG you're joking right? Fried chicken? Always or as a special? I'm giddy can you tell? I tried the fried chicken at electric mud and it was a bit of a letdown. Not even close to stockyards which is my fav in the city.

          Must go for a run tonight....

          1. re: JennaBean

            Yes... they had a fried chicken special last week. I thought it might be two days only, but looks like they're doing it again this week (check my twitter) on Wednesday and Thursday night.

            It stemmed from a dinner Nick did a L'ouvrier - in any case - honestly - it was better than Stockyards - and I'm a Stockyards fanatic.

            Definitely make a trek if possible.

          2. re: justxpete

            No, I was traveling during that one

          3. re: bytepusher

            Today they had a soft shell crab sandwich - people were almost passing out over how good it was, but I could not deviate from the pork!

            1. re: KitchenVoodoo

              Why is there a dilemma?.Why not have both? Burp.

          4. hmm, had a good sandwich here, but wasn't transcendent. . .

            maybe i should give them another try. . .

            1. They were doing lobster rolls with fried leeks on my last visit.. But I couldn't bring myself to order it, that porchetta sandwich is just too damn good. Gotta agree.

              Vicentinas in Woodbridge has an awesome porchetta too, the meat itself trumps Porchetta & Co, but they lose overall because for some bizarre reason they don't include any crackling on the sandwiches! And they don't have any condiments for the sandwiches; it's just literally pork on a bun.

              If anybody from Vicentina reads this, WTF are you discarding the crackling for?? Last time I was there I literally saw you guys scoop the meat out of the roast and throw a huge piece of crispy pig skin into the garbage! What on earth are you doing?

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                1. re: MissBingBing

                  It was my first time there, and I think I was in shock from the horrific crime I had witnessed.

                  I really want to point someone from there to this thread so we can get some answers.. PS if anybody ever goes there, you gotta try the homemade sausages. There's a whole "pictorial" showing that an old Italian gentleman comes into the shop to make them by hand weekly, saying they are "old world recipe sausages". We bought a pack of 4 and as soon as we bit into one, instantly regretted not picking a bunch more up for the freezer

                2. re: duckdown

                  "I literally saw you guys scoop the meat out of the roast and throw a huge piece of crispy pig skin into the garbage! What on earth are you doing?"


                  1. re: petek

                    No. No. No. In the garbage? For real? I cannot shed enough tears for such a blasphemous act. For shame. For shame.

                    The only problem with crackling is there never is enough.

                    1. re: scarberian

                      I would rent a car, and drive all that way to WoodBridge to raid Vicentinas' garbage for that awesome pork crackling!
                      SCARBERIAN is correct - there is NEVER enough - can never be enough!
                      Jerry's Supermarket on the Danforth between Greenwood and Coxwell sells rolls of pig skin if you feel like a DIY approach to crackling - I haven't done it yet, but am very tempted. And then there are always those big bags of Chicarrones in the Mexican shops in Kensington Market - deep fried pig skin chips, YUM, the ready to go heart attack! The Mexicans know how to leave this earth with a smile :)

                      1. re: KitchenVoodoo

                        So true, guys and girls. I could not agree more..

                        1. re: duckdown

                          sorry guys.. im one of those people who throw away 'the fat'.. i can't stand to even bite into it.. just gimme my pork.. no fat .. no skin.. ughhh... love their sandwiches tho!!!

                  2. re: duckdown

                    I hope you didn't get caught stealing the garbage bag!

                    1. re: duckdown

                      I've heard if you ask for crackling there they'll give it to you.

                      But yeah, that is very strange.

                      1. re: duckdown

                        nice to see you back duckdown.

                        shocking that someone would throw out crackling. might be that people don't want it because they don't know any better. so it's the easiest solution.

                        1. re: grandgourmand

                          thanks GG :) Been a while indeed

                          I really am at a loss trying to understand why they don't include any of it.. Maybe the average person thinks its too unhealthy or something? Or maybe worried about someone chipping a tooth? I have no idea.

                          By the way, I forgot to mention Eddystone Meats for amazing porchetta. My brother in law bought a whole pig from them ($250) for his birthday bash last month, and the crackling was insanely delicious. Super crispy, almost like potato chips.. I haven't heard them mentioned on these boards before but apparently they are a neighbourhood staple. I've never been to the shop. They have the apple in the pigs mouth, head and feet intact and everything. It's a glorious thing!

                          Anyone else familiar with Eddystone?

                          1. re: duckdown

                            Very familiar with Eddystone's my usual butcher and I've always been very pleased with everything there. My parents aren't fans of spicy foods, so whenever we order a porchetta from Eddystone, we order it without chilis and it is to die for.
                            My BIL had them age some steaks for him there in their ageing room, and they were really great. My mother usually buys a quarter cow at a time and you just tell them how you want it cut and how much ground meat you want and they handle the rest. I usually stick to steaks, pork butt, briskets, and the porchetta.
                            They recently renovated the store and it's definitely worth another visit, just go early in the morning or the lineups can be crazy.

                            1. re: icey

                              Awesome, glad to hear of another Eddystone fan!

                              I sent them an e-mail asking if their delicious porchetta was available in smaller portions, and they wrote back saying you can come into the store and get it for $8/lb. which is a good deal, Vicentina is $10/lb. They warned to call ahead though because it sells out very, very fast

                      2. The original comment has been removed