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Jun 7, 2003 01:06 AM

Where's best retail fresh fish in Houston?

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What's your vote for the best place to buy fresh fish?

Here are some of the places I've tried. I'm looking for new ones, however.

Whole Foods is where I go the most. I think it's gone down a little in recent months. I like the way their salmon is labelled so that I can choose wild over farmed salmon.

Central Market impressed me when I went there a year ago. Some people tell me it's gone way downhill.

Hong Kong Market, way out on Bellaire Blvd, looks great. A whole wall of fish and tanks, with several fish cleaning stations, just like in Chicago or NY.

The fish store on Brompton south of Holcombe. JR's may be the name.

I've seen writeups for Connie's, but the one near the airport didn't impress me.

I bought salmon and tilapia, both farmed of course, at Sam's this weekend. It was excellent for the price. Very fresh and very cheap.


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  1. Of the smaller places you mention I like the one on Brompton a lot. He carries a smaller selection but you can rest assured it will be fresh. When I buy scallops I almost always go here.
    On Richmond, Airline Seafood is another great smallish place that caters to the restaurant crowd in Montrose area. Selection here is really good and is almost always fresh.

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      fountainview fish market. mr "hugh" will fix you up with absolutely best crab and sea bass in texas. he also fries up some good platters.

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        Try the new China Town's Hong Kong market. It is on Bellaire Boulevard. Coming from inner loop keep going on Bellaire pass 59 south and then pass beltway 8. 3-4 blocks after the beltway on the right you will see hong kong market.
        I have been shopping there for years and they sell the fish in the aquarium. So you know it is fresh and it is cheaper then most supermarkets.

    2. I don't know about good retail fresh seafood in Houston (I live in Austin), but I think that Central Market's seafood is far from fresh -- just look at, smell, and touch their fish (both whole and fillets). The whole place is a parody of what they were when they first opened (and before they opened other stores here and in other Texas cities).

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        Yes, that's what people are telling me. I went in there 1 1/2 years ago and liked what I saw in the fish department, but I hear it's dropped in quality. Will have to see for 'self.

      2. Also, Roses in Seabrook.