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Father's Day Recipe

Suggest me any special recipe for Father's Day? What all are you going to prepare?

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  1. Ratatouille, filets, seared scallops, asparagus.

    1. We're having a garage sale this weekend so don't have a lot of time for cooking. I've decided to do a taco bar with pulled pork as the meat. I've made this http://www.hippressurecooking.com/car... easy recipe from hippressurecooking.com a couple of times and it has great flavor. Even if you don't have a pressure cooker, you could start with the marinade and then braise in the oven or even barbeque - would just want to leave enough moisture to be able to pull into shreds after cooking.

      I'll make some guacamole, shredded cabbage and carrots, rice, beans, salsa, cheese... whatever else I can think of. Also offering corn and flour tortillas in addition to the butter lettuce.

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        Other toppings we use: Diced fresh tomatoes, sliced black olives, sour cream

      2. Doing spicy ribs.

        I do a 24 hour rub of baby backs in a rub of 1/4 c. ghost pepper salt, 1/4 c. dried pequin peppers, 1 tbs. cumin, 1 tbs. garlic powder, 1 tbs. onion powder, 1 tsp. Mexican oregano. Bake for 1.5 hours at 300 in a baking dish covered with foil.

        You can do all that a day ahead of time, then finish on a charcoal grill with a glaze of 1 can fire roasted tomatoes, 1 7.5 oz. can of chipotles in adobo, and 2 tbs. agave nectar or honey mixed in a food processor.

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            They are. I do a rub of ancho chili powder, ghost pepper salt, and garlic powder, cook them in the oven at 250 for an hour and a half, then put them on the grill with a glaze made from a can of fire roasted tomatoes, a can of chipotles in adobo, and a good slug of honey blended until smooth.

            I'm serving it with Ina's blue cheese cole slaw (one of those perfect recipes I'm not tempted to tinker with) and a salad of shell pasta with kalamata olives, roasted red peppers and scallions, dressed with a vinaigrette of fresh tarragon, lemon juice and olive oil.

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              Gotta check out Ina's recipe. My blue cheese coleslaw recipe earned me the "Coleslaw Goddess" moniker from a serious foodie friend of mine. Hmmm. Coleslaw Goddess vs. Contessa... sounds like a throwdown!

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                  It's rather loosely based on a finalist SFA coleslaw recipe that was in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (probably googleable). I use Rogue's Smokey Blue when I have it. If I don't, I use another good blue and add a drop or two of pecan liquid smoke. I use red onion, slivered and softened in an ice bath. I also let the cabbage and carrot shreds steam a bit, covered, in the vinegar before draining. That's pretty much it.

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                    Ok, I think I found the recipe you're talking about. I'll give it a shot (with your changes) the next time I make cole slaw and let you know how it goes. It should be pretty soon. I make slaw a lot over the summer -- sometimes that's all I eat for dinner.

                    I made my slaw this afternoon for tomorrow's (well, today's) dinner, and had one "doh" moment. A long time ago I learned the trick of seasoning the salad before you dress it, and leaving the salt and pepper out of the vinaigrette. It makes the flavors pop more, but I'd never thought of applying it to slaw for some reason. I did it this time, and even though it was good before, it was better this time -- maybe the best I've made.

        1. Being the resident father and one who does a good share of the cooking, I want something delicious but easy. I am thinking of thick burgers grilled medium rare over applewood on lightly toasted Kaiser rolls with tart home made mayonnaise, Maille stone ground mustard, grilled onions, and home made chili sauce accompanied by blue cheese and truffle French fries and sliced home grown tomatoes. Maybe if I feel extra cheesy, some extra sharp white cheddar on the burgers. Strawberries for dessert.

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            I love those kind of burgers.....sound amazing....

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              +1, those sound great. Happy Father's Day, Tim!

            2. My wife is out shopping for BBQ baby back ribs at the local farmers' market. I haven't a clue what side dish items she's buying because our youngest daughters family don't eat potato salad or cole slaw.

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                Maybe a pasta salad and shredded carrots/raisin salad.
                A cold appetizer with baked crescent roll crust, cream cheese/ranch dressing spread and shredded veggies topping gets rave reviews from the young crowd here when they visit.

              2. My dad has been gone for almost 13 years now, but in his honor, I am grilling a tri-tip, which was what he would always make for all of our special occasion dinners growing up. Mine isn't entirely authentic as I don't have a charcoal grill, but it's in the "spirit of" my dad at least :)

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                1. My dad loves pork chops but unfortunately, my mom does not, so it is very rare that he actually gets any. I will be doing porkchops, with apples, raisins and brown sugar. Side items will be mashed potatoes and either peas or green beans. Of course we have to have biscuits and I think I might do a light salad as a starter.

                  1. I am making my husband a flat iron steak on the grill, dry rubbed with salt, then seasoned with dried basil & oregano, garlic powder and pepper. We are also having seared jumbo scallops with it, as the steak is only 1.5# and I have two growing sons to feed as well.... Still trying to decide the sides....maybe a grilled romaine salad and some haricots verts. I think we can get away without a starch.... And dessert? That's another good question. Maybe some grilled pound cake slices with strawberries and cream.

                    1. Crab cakes, sweet potato fries,zucchini ribbon salad, fudge cake with whipped cream frosting.

                      1. Our annual Father's Day is a bushel of crabs, which my dad requests (and treats!), but we do it next weekend because crabs cost about $50 more on Father's Day. We usually have burgers to throw on the grill for anyone who is still hungry, plus a couple of salads. Those are TBD at this point. Looking forward to it!

                        1. Father's Day Menu since I am visiting my family in Texas: grilled beef fajitas, fresh tortillas from our neighborhood tortillerĂ­a, their famous tomatillo salsa, some homemade salsas, charro beans, rajas con crema, cabbage salad, and mini-cakes from Whole Foods (chocolate and Italian cream).