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Jun 14, 2013 09:06 PM

Salad in a Jar & other ways to keep fruits & veggies fresh for a week

With summer right around the corner, we are all wanting to eat as many fresh fruits & veggies as we can. I am always looking for ways to make it through the week with having something fresh to eat when it's too hot to cook. Unfortunately, by the end of the week, those strawberries are looking pretty limp & that beautiful head of leaf lettuce is showing some icky brown edges.

Will sealing in jars solve these problems?

Have you tried the salad in a jar concept - if so, how did it turn out? Did you learn anything that would help the rest of us?

Do you use an alternate method to keep fruits & veggies fresh?

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  1. i've been using glass jars to store produce for years, though i never tried lettuce. i can say that glass definitely extends the shelf life of berries, lemons, fennel and all manner of herbs.

    even better than screw top jars, are jars with clamp lids. the gaskets create an air-tight seal. ikea has 2 sizes (half and full liter). a friend recently saw some at marshall's, as well.

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      Have you tried the Ziplock vacuum sealer that extracts all the air out of the regular mason jar lids?

      Can you buy gaskets for the ikea jars when they no longer work?

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        i haven't. just found this link to a video demonstrating the technique.

        i've found that the glass jars work well enough as is. strawberries last more than a week. fennel in a clamp-top, 2-3 weeks.

        google shows many online sources for replacement gaskets, both rummer and silicone.

    2. I do the salad in the jars for my lunches and it works great. I make them all on Sunday and use them through the week...they often last well beyond the week though . I use all different sizes of jars..

      1. I'm not sure if lettuce would do well in jars over time: it needs to breathe. When I buy lettuce, I immediately chop it up, wash it, and then give it a good spin in the old salad spinner. Then I lined the spinner with a paper towel and keep the lettuce inside to stay in the fridge. It stays crisp all week, and I have lettuce ready to use for salad anytime. It works for softer greens too.

        I've never used glass jars for lettuce salads, but I would suggest making sure your lettuce is dry before storing them. Wet lettuce = limp lettuce.

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        1. re: breadwinner

          Keeping the lettuce in a salad spinner sounds great, except mine is so big, it would take up a lot of room. Maybe I'll scout around for a smaller one.

          Do you keep other salad ingredients in there too with the lettuce?

          1. re: cstout

            Gosh, I know this is from a while ago, but I somehow missed this, sorry.

            I keep only greens in the spinner to avoid having extra moisture or weight on them, but sometimes I add shredded carrots, radishes, or purple cabbage since they're usually dry. Pickled vegetables are super easy make-ahead salad ingredients, like red onion, carrots, celery, garlic cloves, radishes, or even fruits like green papaya or green mango. It's a good way to preserve the last bounty of summer produce.

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              Salad spinner for greens, am really trying hard to keep those veggies & salad greens at optimum freshness. Thanks.