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Jun 14, 2013 08:23 PM

Magic Hat in cans

I noticed that Magic Hat is now being sold in cans, great to bring out to the pool. Any other craft beer type products available in cans? I forget the name, but a Colorado brewer sells in cans which are quite good also.

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  1. Oskar Blues in Colorado makes great beer in cans, including Oskar Blues and also Ten Fidy and Dale's Pale Ale.
    From Oregon, I have had Calera IPA in cans, and it is great. I think they also have other types of beer in cans.

    Also, 21st Amendment in San Francisco has some great canned beer, including Hell Or High Watermelon and the fabulous Brew Free Or Die IPA. I just went to their site and see that have a whole lot more in cans that I didn't yet know about. Go to

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    1. re: Tripeler

      First, a pretty comprehensive compendium:

      Next, a few of my thoughts:
      Oskar Blues beers are quite good (although, I wouldn't want to be drinking Ten Fidy by the pool).

      Avery makes a few decent beers in cans too; from memory, I think my favourite was the Pilsener.

      Looking at the 21a website, I realise I've tried all the 21st Amendment cans except for Hop Crises (never seen that in a can, actually). HoHW and BFoD, along with Back in Black, are my favourites of the lineup. Lower de Boom is good too, but it probably doesn't tick the 'refreshing' box either.

      Also, maybe of interest to someone in NJ, Brooklyn, Sixpoint and Ithaca are three breweries that I wish I could try more in California.

      1. re: eethan

        And IMHO, anything from Slyfox, Oskar Blues, or 21st Amendment is faaar suprior to Magic Hat. Not even close.

      2. re: Tripeler

        Yes, Oskar Blues is what I was thinking of. I think they make something called Little Yellow Truck or something like that which is quite good.I have tried the Dale's Pale Ale which was good.

        Thanks to everyone else for all of the comments.

        For this summer, I have settled on canned Blue Moon and the Magic Hat for pool use.

      3. Sly Fox from PA has eight different varieties sold in cans, and is fantastic. They recently released a new can design that allows you lift the whole top off the can and drink it like its a cup.

        1. Cigar City also sells several different of their beers in cans and is expanding the selection in the future. I know you can currently get Florida Cracker White Ale, Hotter then Helles, Jai Alai, and Maduro.

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          1. re: kempshark

            Neighbor was at the brewery a couple of weeks ago. The varieties kempshark mentioned are all they are canning now. Too bad in a way. I'd love to see PatioPils and the Humidor and even their seasonal JaiAlai White Oak show up canned. Be nice too if Due South down in Boyington Beach canned some of their brews they sell at Whole Foods. Easier to carry back home

          2. Ballast Point in San Diego is now canning. I've tried the Sculpin IPA in cans and it is awesome.

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            1. re: Josh

              I just had Sculpin IPA on tap in Tokyo and it is quite and incredible beer. Should be great in cans, too.

            2. I'm glad to finally be able to get "good" beer in cans. It _is_ pretty funny to me though how, from the beginning, craft brewers mocked the very idea of selling their beer in cans citing quality.

              I guess that was bogus...they just couldn't afford the process. LOL. They probably secretly thought it would be a cool thing to sell cans.

              Now that (comparatively) low volume canning equipment is available, they're all jumping on the bandwagon. Even some of the less competent among craft brewers are doing it as well now.

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              1. re: The Professor

                I never heard any pro brewer mock the canning idea. In fact I heard quite the opposite - that canning was the preferred means of packaging most beers (apart from bottle-conditioned styles) and that the high cost was what prevented it being done.

                I did hear non-brewers express the view that cans were inferior, but that's it.

                1. re: Josh

                  I've been a "craft" fan since the 1970's when it all began (and even knew some of the pioneers), and there were indeed pro brewers for whom it was a point of pride that they didn't can their beer.
                  I myself have always believed the humble can to be the ideal container for beer and I'm glad to see the "craft" guys embracing it now that the cost of the process is dramatically reduced.

                  1. re: The Professor

                    Remember those commercials from the 70's "The good taste of Beer, you find it in bottles"?
                    For you youngsters, it is about 1:20 into this clip:

                    I once knew a guy who went in the store and asked if the had the brand, "The Good Taste of Beer".

                  2. re: Josh

                    Well, there was (note "was") Jim Koch's/BBC's "Beer Drinkers Bill of Rights":

                    VI. Beer shall be offered in bottles, not cans, so that no brew is jeopardized with the taste of metal.


                    Obviously this one has seen been repealed...