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Jun 14, 2013 05:51 PM

Dinner in London this Sunday

Just got to London for a few days before travelling around the UK. I didn't get my usual time for researching restaurants for this trip and need help finding a good place for dinner on Sunday - my birthday! We're staying near Victoria Station but can get around on the Underground. My husband is not as adventurous as I am so nothing too out there. Cost isn't a huge issue as I'm sure I can't get reservations this late at the really expensive restaurants. I do like good quality food with a creative flair and would love to have a memorable dinner in London during the few days we are here. Thanks!

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  1. A lot of places will be booked up but I've just checked and Rules has tables for tomorrow night at reasonable times.
    Great food and service and not too out there for your husband.

    1. Wonderful Italian... Locanda Locatelli
      French... Bistrot Bruno Loubet

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        Sunday might be the chef's day off at Bruno Loubet -- quality seemed lower compared to the other times that I've eaten there. With the Grain Store just opened, not sure how the chef divides his time at the moment. Any recent updates?

      2. The Malt House, Claude Bosi's latest gastro-pub in Fulham is well worth a shout. They've opened it fairly softly to date without shouting too much so tables seem to be widely available.

        Marcus McGuiness, Claude's long time head chef from Hibiscus, has been installed at the stoves and it shows. It's brilliantly re-invented, contemporary gastro grub with Michelin execution.

        The beef for their Sunday roast comes from the same Hibiscus supplier in the Lakes and is finished on one of those fancy Japanese ceramic BBQ's. I have to say it's probably the best roast I've ever had. Not overly cheap at £18, but you undoubtedly get what you pay for.

        Don't be surprised if this place joins The Harwood (which is coincidentally round the corner) on a star come October...

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          Do you know the name of the beef supplier, by any chance? Always interested in producers from my region.


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            Alas John, I do not.

            I'm sure they'd share though if you gave them a call or gave it a whirl on your next London jaunt. Definitely worth finding out though as it's a seriously good product.