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Jun 14, 2013 04:57 PM

Looking for Taco Truck, or Taquero in Santa Barbara

Hi All, I'm new to the boards but I am throwing a 50th B-day part for my Mom in Santa Ynez (45minutes outside of Santa Barbara) and I am looking for recommendations on made-to-order tacos in SB area for parties. I have been looking around but most "taqueros" don't have advertising and work mostly on word of mouth. I live in San Francisco so i can't check locally but I would love some help from anyone in the Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, or Santa Maria areas who has a contact. Thanks!

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  1. Don Paco's gets some buzz in SB - I see it on the Westside but have not ever eaten there:

    1. El Zarape also does a lot of catering in this town - contact him and see if he knows of anyone else since he is active in the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and knows who is out and about doing Mexican catering.

      1. Oh boy--contact Rosa Valdez who runs a truck in Santa Maria--her commisary makes the best foods--richly flavored meats for tacos and other truck favorites like quesadillas and tortas. And she's a doll. Very sweet. and she makes the best pozole ever.

        Lonceria Tichita

        1. Hi- I work for a winery that employs a awesome taco guy- whose family comes and does the set-up & they all cook together- a real family affair. The name is Taco Amigos- Carlos is the man who owns the business.

          They come with a 3 comal cooker, decorate the table with mini piƱatas, sombreros and other decorative knick knacks. The condiments are roasted jalapenos & habaneros & white onions, green and red sauces, fresh onion & cilantro, radish and limes. As for the proteins- pork, chicken and carne asada, and upon request Carlos does a great mixed roasted veggie dish for the tacos.

          He does the tacos only - all you can eat- for $10 a head. He can include side dishes at a extra cost....and has told me in the past he does not mind if you provide other side dishes on your own : - ).

          I hope your party is fantastic- LMK if you want more contact info. He is local to the Santa Ynez Valley- located in Buellton.

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            I have considered getting a taco truck for a private party. This sounds fun. How is the quality of food? Do you think he'd come down to SB? Will you share contact info?

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              I am sorry I did not see this before- Taco Amigos can be reached at , name is Carlos

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              Hi! I know this is a post from a while back but do you have the number for the taco truck of which you speak? I would love to contact him... My email is

            3. Hey All, thanks for all the great replies. Unfortunately, my party was on Jun. 29th so I wasn't able to use the last couple contacts but hopefully it helps the next party thrower in the area. I did FINALLY find someone who was 1. responsive, 2. friendly, 3. reliable, 4. reasonably priced. Overall I was happy. The tacos were a 7 out of 10 but all of the rest of the factors MORE than made up for the 3 stars. I paid $450 for up to 50 people. We had 30 and had plenty of leftovers. His name was Big Joe (can find him on facebook under Big Joe's Tacos). The hardest part about the 20 some taqueros, taquerias, and referrals that I called was the language barrier, lack of response, and just general flakiness. Good luck to all!

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