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Jun 14, 2013 04:46 PM

Hinoki & The Bird - review

Just went there Wednesday night to celebrate a major milestone with another couple and had to share my thoughts given the reviews I've seen here.

First of all, I used to LOVE Sona. So I was really looking forward to some of David Myers interpretations on some classic dishes.

Overall, the vibe is cool. We were seated outside by the fire so it was cozy and visually lovely. But WOW was the music loud, we really had to shout about the music to hear each other.

The food was really mixed:

Crab toast - enh. It was so-so.
Lobster roll - totally bland and underwhelming.
Kale salad - boring and too salty.
Baked yam with lardons and creme fraiche - this was my favorite dish.
Black cod - enh.
Short rib - meat was tough.
Fried chicken - SO BORING. I was expecting KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) or JFC (Japanese Fried Chicken), but it was neither. It was just bland and boring.
Maitake marinated mushrooms - too salty.

Praline ice cream - reminded me of the wonderful hazelnut gelato we'd have in Paris, so this was 2 thumbs up.
Japanese cotton cheesecake - I know how to make this at home so I was not impressed with their version.

The food was not great, but the service was really excellent. With a bottle of wine, our bill was $650 for 4 people.

Again, I really wanted to like it, but found the entire experience underwhelming.
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  1. Thanks for reporting. Most of the reviews I've read have said that the food is middling-to-good, but not great, too.

    1. Thanks for letting us know. I've been wanting to try them, as my husband works right over there, but I've got to say, we were not overly impressed with Sona...... It was certainly a nice meal, but a bit underwhelming, and the atmosphere was just plain boring..... Sounds like the atmosphere here is great, but the food is underwhelming..... Maybe we'll hit it up for a happy hour instead.

      1. Thank you for the great report!