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Jun 14, 2013 04:01 PM

Another lost La Fogata thread

I think every once in a while someone posts to make a query about where La Fogata has gone. Has it gone somewhere?

I didn't see it on Burnet today though I drove by twice.

Have you seen it lately?

I need some enchiladas potosinas!

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  1. It has popped up next to the Valero station at 183 and Fairfield.

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      1. re: Oliver Oyl

        PS If you head there and for any reason they're closed, step across the street to the Tierra Linda taqueria in the La Familia market at the Shell station. Muy bueno!

        1. re: Oliver Oyl

          I saw a trailer in the parking lot there the other day. Didn't really pay attention to it. I was walking over to La Famillia. I think I'm in there at least 2x a week for the last 3 years and haven't ever had the tacos from Tierra Linda. When we first started going in there we would get very odd looks from the cashiers at the shell.

      2. Talked with her last week. She's hurting.

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          1. re: singlemalt

            She moved because the car wash is going to be demolished and , I believe, she said a burger place was going in there. Mainly, she talked about how expensive the rent was to locate a trailer and how business had dropped off. I feel real bad for her partly because she is such a nice laldy.

            1. re: singlemalt

              Oh good, more hamburger joints on Burnet.

          2. I just saw La Fogata this morning in the Dallas Nightclub parking lot on Burnet.