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Tough Striploin at Costco!

I bought my first striploin from Costco last week.
I was totally disappointed.
Beef was tough center to outside!
Being a pro chef i know my beef.
They say there meat is triple A..,I have doubts.
i returned it for full refund

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  1. Great to know the "pros" shop at Costco!

    No issues with Costco beef for me, though.

    1. How did you prepare it? Not much marbling in that cut for sure.

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      1. re: letsindulge

        meat looked and smelt fine..lots of marbeling.
        Let sit out half hour,seasoned and grilled M R...Tough.
        Are outside say Quater..Not Center supposed to be the same as center on tenderness?

        1. re: welshrarebit

          I have had plenty tender NY strip at Costco. I have had a few tough ones too.

      2. I don't really understand the point of this post? You complain about purchasing tough meat from Costco, and was dissatisfied with their product and so you got a full refund for it. It's not like they sold you bad meat (i.e. rotten), or gave you bad customer service when you went for a refund either.

        1. Costco did the right thing and refunded your money. Why are you complaining?

          Thousands of us have enjoyed good cuts of beef from Costco over the years.

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            Welshrarebit isn't complaining about Costco's excellent customer relations policies. He's complaining about the quality of the meat that he bought. Isn't that exactly what people would want to hear on this board?

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              Tough beef can be purchased anytime, anywhere at any price point. That is life in the big city! Ok, so the same problem occurred this time at Costco and they did what they could do.

              1. re: Bacchus101

                I don't disagree with that.

                I love Costco for lots of reasons:


          2. We have gotten tough beef frequently when paying for Prime and had no recourse except to complain with no compensation. I am not a pro chef thus I apply my limited knowledge and then take the word of the butcher at reputable shops. As noted Costco did the right thing which is over and beyond what many stores/markets would do. I do understand the disappointment and the inconvenience of ruining a dinner however, Costco did the best they could do, the right thing.

            1. Your complaint is better directed to the cow in question.

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                1. re: letsindulge

                  Grading is done by Federal inspectors who can only judge by outer appearance of the carcass. They look at fat thickness under the hide, color of fat, and general appearance. From that, they rate the overall quality without looking at the individual cuts.

                  The OP said the appearance and marbling was fine, so the grading must have been by the book.

                  Costco beef is usually sourced from Alberta, meaning grass fed in the foothills for a year, then finished on grains, mostly barley, rarely corn.

              1. You must be in Canada therefore the AAA grading. Problem might be simply where your beef is sourced, or a subpar carcass was graded incorrectly.

                1. The last package I bought there was tough as well, which was surprising as I've always had wonderful meat there. Wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that the meat they used to buy was from XL foods which had a massive recall last year - maybe they are using a new supplier?

                  1. For father's day BBQ, I bought 2 steaks from Costco (not striploin but the Rib steak) and they were delightfully tender. They were full of flavour and had good marbling.

                    All the fathers were quite happy with the BBQ and all the intended leftovers were eaten! I guess the dad's really loved the steaks!

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                      On the note of Father's Day B-B-Q.
                      Whilst everyone nowadays were trashing McEwan for its products ( especially prepared ones ) and sky high pricing, my kids went there yesterday and bought a couple of Ontario Milk Fed Veal chop, about 2" thick and cost about $11 each.
                      Charbroiled them! Result was nicely crusted, wonderfully rare, tender and flavorful!! ( guess because its veal, its less bloody and gruesome looking! Ha! ). Better deal than Cumbrae.

                    2. After years' of Costco beef buys, along with recent steak purchases, I'm finding the OP's complaint borderline trollish. The "pro chef" claim along with Costco's usual CR applomb in the matter make me a bit suspicious.

                      As noted, tough meat is widely available at all price points around the GTA.

                      1. The only problem that I have had at Costco was excess fat on a striploin- 30% by weight. I brought it (most of it ) back and they gave me a refund without objection.
                        Love their cryovaced sirloin tip. Cheap and delicious.

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                          1. re: Kagemusha

                            Thirty percent was udderly true. I cut out and weighed the fat cap and compared it to the weight stated on the sticker. Why do you think that I gave it back even after I cut one (family) meal from it?

                            No hard feelings towards Costco . I am sure that they had not intended it that way. Things happen.

                            1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                              I should think it's "udderly true". It's a cow, isn't it?

                              1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                                If your Costco strip loin looked like this--mine do--you're stretching the truth badly at 30% fat--that's nearly 1/3 waste, bro.


                          2. They are taking a lot of heat on other forums for doing needle tenderizing on all of their cuts