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Jun 14, 2013 12:25 PM

How best to cook a boneless pork prime rib roast?

I got this at the market a few weeks ago, and have never seen it before. I did a quick search of recipes here, and came up empty-handed.

All suggestions welcomed!

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  1. I saw on some food show - Jose Andreas Pork loin baked in salt crust with Serano Ham.... Looks simple and delish.

    Google for the video - I think the salt crust makes a nice "show" too and it's so easy.

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    1. re: sparky403

      Thanks...that looks good, but....

      Am I mistaken in thinking that the loin is a different cut of meat from the prime rib (with or without bones)?

      1. re: sparky403

        How much does it weigh? I think you may have a pork tenderloin..

        If it' in the 1.5 - 2lb range it's likely a pork tender loin.... if it's bigger than that it's a pork loin.

        If it's the smaller one - I love it on the grill - it's very lean so careful to to cook it too much.

        Last time I made one a few weeks ago, i butter flied and stuffed it with roasted red peppers wrapped & wrapped in bacon. finished with a tiny amount of bbq sauce. Very good

        Once you determine which cut it is (both are pretty simple) let us know.

      2. Are you talking about a rack of pork with the bones removed? I've never seen it that way. Is that how it was labeled? If you search for rack of pork you'll get some ideas. Too bad the bones were removed if that IS what you have.

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        1. re: c oliver

          Ya know, I'm really not sure! The label (which I saved when I vacuum sealed prior to freezing) says "boneless pork prime rib ". It's about a pound and three quarters.

          It was on sale when my local grocery did it's "5 for $25" in the meat section. Maybe someone made a mistake by removing the bones?

          ETA: I'll take a pic of the label this weekend and try to remember to post on Monday (no internet at home...) Maybe I'm mis-remembering.
          Would you treat it just like a beef roast?

          1. re: kcshigekawa

            I'd go back to the store with it and ask them what it is. I don't believe that "prime rib" is even an accurate term for beef.

            1. re: kcshigekawa

              that's a pork tender loin - I think?... many different ways to cook - very lean -

              You wouldn't want to treat it like beef - far too lean, You could almost think of it as a boneless skinless chicken breast. I don't know your style of cooking so it's hard to recommend... see my post above for one sugestions.


              1. re: sparky403

                Curious why you think that something labeled "prime rib" that it's a tenderloin? If it's a rack of pork with the ribs removed, it's a pork loin. But again I'd take it back to the grocery and find out.

                1. re: c oliver

                  Doesn't seem like she's too clear on exactly what it is. at that weight it's likely a pork tenderloin...

                  1. re: sparky403

                    It's labeled a "prime rib." If you cook it like a tenderloin - 15 minutes or so - and it's not, ya gotta a mess. Why not just go back to the store and ask?

          2. You have conflicting information, as others have noted. Generally, Pork Tenderloins are sold in Twin-Packs, so that should give you a clue. Pork Loin, is sold whole or cut down anywhere from 4-8 inch smaller pieces and sold, and or labeled as roasts.

            Pork Tenderloin should be roasted on higher heat 350-400* until it reaches 135* and held for 10-20 minutes. It could also be grilled with excellent results.

            Pork Loin is very forgiving. If you like soft, tender and moist meat, then roast low and slow @ 225* to 140* and rest for a minimum 20 minutes, up to two hours.. If you like your meat cooked more without any hint of pink inside, then roast at 325* to 145 and hold for 15-20 minutes before slicing.

            BTW.....pork loin will have a diameter of 3 inches top to bottom....about 4 inches across.. Tenderloins are only 1-2 inches thick.

            1. Search for recipes for bonless pork loin; there are several threads here on that topic.

              I read recently that producers are changing the labels they use for pork cuts to make them the same as or more like labels used for cut of beef. Their action will likely confuse a number of people.

              1. I recently read an article that described new names for cuts of pork. Your market is ahead of the crowd.
                Here's one report

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                1. re: mexivilla

                  Am I missing where it refers to "prime rib"?