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Jun 14, 2013 11:28 AM

So where's the best Porchetta in Rome anyway?

I have Er Buchetto on the schedule, but its sort of out of the way for us. Is it a worthy schlep? Anything as good or better closer to the center?

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  1. At the moment the best porchetta in town is at Panificio Bonci - it is from Bernabei in Marino. Have it between some pizza bianca, and it is heaven.

    1. I Porchettoni is recommended by both Anthony Bourdain and Katie Parla.

      1. There are other porchetta vendors around - for example we saw one last fall in the park/piazza in front of Santa Maria Liberatrice in Testaccio and I think there is one in Campo di Fiori too - if you've not had porchetta before, its worth sampling where you can find it, from vendors in street markets..Hope you report back.

        1. we got some great porchetta from a stand at the sunday trastevere flea market - towards the northern end of the market - and NOT from one of the trucks/stands that had pre-made sandwiches to be put in the press. this was two guys with a table full of breads and baked goods, and a large hunk of porchetta sitting out at room/outdoor temp. he asked if i wanted a big one (i didnt) and charged me a euro for a sandwich made with a single slice of bread - cut in half - with a good bit of crispy skin. an awesome snack.

          also ate some exceptional porchetta at pizzarium, though my wife thought it was a bit fatty (i said that was the point). would most definitely get some if you make the stop there for the pizzas.

          1. Thanks all!

            My problem with Panificio Bonci is the same as pizzarium. The visit to the Vatican will be on our last day in Italy and as much as I normally like to venture out for good food the family may be on their last legs at that time. At the moment I got Il Sorpasso on the schedule for some much needed relaxation time but you never know. Will also look for the other suggestions. One more week