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Food jewelry, tattoos, accessories, etc. What cha got?

Recently, a friend gave my husband, a lover of all things bacon, a bacon ring (it doesn't fit him, but I put it on and snapped the pic below). It got me thinking about all the food tattoos I see on chefs and the food jewelry I see at the farmers market (broccoli earrings anyone?) and I just wondered what Chowhounds have seen or worn and what y'all have to say about it. My husband also has several I <3 Bacon t-shirts and an I <3 Cheese tee too. He got them from a dude in nyc, here's the link: http://www.chane.com/shop/

Do you have any odd foodwear, food jewelry or tattoos?

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  1. A friend gave me cake slice ear rings because my ex used to call me cakemix.

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    1. re: suzigirl

      I love the pet name "cake mix". So cute. ;)

      1. re: lynnlato

        I know. I have no idea where he came up with it but it caught on among our friends. I heard our guy friends calling their ladies that more than once.

    2. An Etsy seller makes this funky food earrings (dangle and studs) and necklaces out of polymer that are foods and food related pieces. They are small but I love them. Given gifts many times. The california roll studs are my current fav.


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        HillJ, I need those earrings in my life. I just may order them. Thanks for the link!

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            i'm really pleased with the workmanship, the earrings are super light and at that price a fun buy.

          2. re: HillJ

            Love these! I just ordered the eggplant earrings.

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                the last order I placed was the bacon & eggs but cufflinks for a tailored shirt I wear. I'm still eyeballing those pickle studs...

          3. My mussel earring has proved to be a good conversation starter.

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              LOVE those small h... and they reminded me that I have chili pepper earrings!

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                Are you sure that's a pepper? It looks like a shark tooth! I had a clam earring, too, but I lost it (sad face).

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                  Oh yea, it's a pepper, but it's an abstract pepper. ;)

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                  OMG! I have those earrings. From Marc Williams in Williamsport, PA right?

              2. T-shirs of course
                little forks earrings
                sushi ring
                sushi jump drive
                bacon pillow
                spoon bracelet
                christmas ornaments

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                  I forgot my spoon ring. I have had it for decades. Thanks for the reminder

                2. I have a wind chime made out of antique silverware.

                  I still wear my 1970's spoon ring.

                  Someone gives me some kind of food/cooking related xmas ornament every year. I could probably do separate tree with just those!

                  I often sport bacon bandaids and we have bacon pillow cases

                  As I posted before my husband collects food/restaurant related t-shirts

                  I have ice cream cone earrings with a matching pin (got loves presents from little girls!)

                  I have trivets made out of wine corks

                  I have a lamp made out a mateus wine bottle (don't ask!)

                  I have a cheese plate made out of dom perignon champagne bottle (thank you secret santa, LOL)

                  I am sure I will think of more!

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                    Bacon pillow cases? Do the emit the smell of smoky bacon too? ;) I always thought they should make bacon scented candles and air fresheners. Surely they would sell.

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                      Have you been to Yankee Candle lately??


                      Also hit up Newbury Comics, they have all things bacon! air fresheners, pillow cases, toothpaste

                  2. I've got the asparagus, carrot bunch, and eggplant pins from this guy. Not trying to promote his business. Just can't do a picture.


                    1. I have a large collection of food jewelry which I wore regularly when I was managing a cooking school. Have
                      some stuff similar to that displayed here but also some more
                      unique pieces. One is a "one of a kind" sterling silver
                      necklace with a variety of vegetable charms which we
                      found at an antique shop in New Orleans. I have several
                      pieces from a limited edition of food-themed costume
                      jewelry from Karl Lagerfeld. My favorite is a necklace
                      of gold-tone pea pods strung togther the long way and
                      filled with pearl peas - I was delighted when Gary Danko
                      complimented me on it at a dinner the Beard House.

                      Perhaps my first piece was a gold scallop shell necklace
                      which my husband bought me in Nantucket where the
                      scallop is somewhat of a logo. It wasn't until I had gotten
                      a number of other pieces that we realized the
                      shell could actually be considered food jewelry, too!

                      Sounds like some of you discovered the Spoon Man
                      in Portland, Or who makes jewelry, pens, mobiles and
                      other stuff from flatware. Haven't checked the website
                      lately but last time I did he was still at it.

                      Also have a collection of Nicole Miller food and wine-
                      themed and a James Beard tote bag by her.

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                        You reminded me of my charm bracelet! I have a champagne bucket where the ice is diamonds, a basket of apples where the apples are rubies, a picnic basket the opens to reveal little place settings, a lobster pot, a martini shaker with a red devil inside, a Maryland crab, a bajan flying fish, a small gold wok and last but not least a fortune cookie. They are all vintage that my husband has given me over the years. I also have gold shells we picked up over the years-scallop, conch, oyster and clam which I never thought of as food till now.

                        1. re: foodieX2

                          oh my gosh that sounds like the most adorable incrediable charm braclete ever.... post a picture if you can please .. such a special piece of your lives together...

                          1. re: girloftheworld

                            I will! It is in the safety deposit box. Great reminder to get it out!

                      2. Silver lobster stud earrings. They're tiny and I love them :3
                        Also an antique silver fork that was bent into a bangle. The tines are curled too.
                        Many, many cupcake earrings, charms, etc from various friends and family as I grew up. Mainly because I was in an extended period of baking only cupcakes. Funny thing, cupcakes are my least favorite pastry nowadays. :P

                        1. A birthday gift: tiny carrot dangle earrings. So cute!

                          1. Lots and lots of food jewelry, mostly earrings. Lemons, of course, about 4 pairs. The biggest piece is pea pods and peas a large brooch that's a stunner. Fish, shrimp, lobsters. A picnic tray with a burger, Coke, and Lay's Potato Chips. Broccoli, eggplant, green onions, several sets of peas in different materials and different sizes, garlic, grape tomatoes. Pizza slices. A plate of oatmeal cookies on one ear and a box of Quaker's Oats on the other. Ice cream cones, sundaes, grapes (several). 3 bacon earrings and one fried egg. A new Oreo, filling only on one side, just got that. I'm sure there's more, but that should cover the majority of it.

                            The leader of the pack, though, are my sushi earrings. I actually now have 3 different pairs, but this is my second set of tuna roll ones, which I wear the most. Best fashion compliment ever with these: Bloomingdales, the mother ship in Manhattan and I'm coming down an escalator to the main floor. Young man in suit, obviously an employee, sees me, raises his hands and shrieks, "Sushi earrings! I LOVE it!"
                            They also seem to start nice conversations with airline employees when I travel, and that can have some nice outcomes. (They also go through security well; they're plastic.)

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                            1. re: lemons

                              lemons, are the sushi earrings like the ones I linked above? I have a pair of those and get asked about them all the time too.

                              1. re: HillJ

                                No. Way larger, like life-size. Those plastic models of food you see in Japanese restaurants? They're made from that. Dangles. I generally don't wear studs when I travel, at least on long flights - they dig into my ear when I try to sleep, so I go for hooks. A couple of days ago at IAD, a woman in a shop said, "You bought something from me before, didn't you? I remember your earrings." And I'd been there in December!

                            2. I've got coffee mug earrings and teacup earrings. Oh, and blueberry earrings that I picked up in Maine.

                                1. re: Miss Needle

                                  Goodness, that's a lovely bunch of work. I fear I may have to invest in some art there...

                                  1. re: Miss Needle

                                    Beautiful pieces! Thanks for posting that. He is a real artisan, everything is so intricately detailed and crafted. Prices seem reasonable, too.

                                  2. I have a lot of pins from JH Breakell in Rhode Island. It started with the broccoli pin that was advertised in The New Yorker, probably 25-30 years ago. I also have a leek, morel mushroom, asparagus, garlic, artichoke, lobster,a pineapple and a pretzel studded with small diamond as the salt. From other sources I have a place setting, a bottle of wine with a wine glass (the bottled is pined horizontally and the wine glass hangs right under the spout) and a bowl of cherries. A necklace from Guatemala of hand carved fruit and a necklace of red chili peppers. Probably more but I cannot remember right now.

                                    I have a lot of food Christmas ornaments. I gave a former co-worker who loves bacon a Christmas ornament from Sur La Table that looked like a package of bacon.

                                    1. A friend just posted this yesterday to my FB page, and I may have to order one:)

                                      As others have posted here, I have lot's of food/cooking related christmas tree ornaments.

                                      As for food jewelry, I have a cute pair of both red apple and cherry earrings, but that's it. I had a spoon bracelet once, but that has long since disappeared - in fact, in high school, I had a fork bracelet, with the tines all nicely curled out - I should get a new one of those. It was very pretty.

                                      Like this thread!

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                                        Wow, gooey grilled cheese necklace! Link to the site, please? Thanks-----

                                        1. re: lemons


                                          There are lot's more out there too.... just google 'grilled cheese necklace' under 'images', and you can pick from lot's of styles:)

                                      2. There's an artist in Toronto who makes these amazing necklaces filled with spices. If you didn't know that's what was in them, you'd probably never guess, but they're gorgeous. I covet one so very much, but since I almost never remember to wear jewelry, I can never bring myself to justify the prices.

                                        Her name is Gill Aysegul Birol, and you can see some examples of her work here (not all of what she does is the spice-related pieces): http://beachstudiotour.ca/?p=452 She doesn't seem to have much of a web presence of her own, unfortunately. I only know about her because she exhibited at Toronto's major juried craft fair, the One of a Kind show a few years ago and I saw her stuff there.

                                        1. http://www.etsy.com/listing/107066523...

                                          I do own a few wishbone chains & charms. Anyone else?