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Jun 14, 2013 10:10 AM

needed - quick turn recommendation: Lunch for 30 near Parmer/620 in 4 days.

All - sorry for the blind post and I'll broadcast that I've not searched so references to previous threads gratefully accepted. Per title, I need a reference for a tuesday lunch capable of seating 30 in a separate room or nearly collocated. Kinds of places coming to mind are Texas Land and Cattle, and Mesa Rosa on 620. Both are decent... i'm not excited about recommending Cheddars. Other ideas?

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  1. Right by my office. That's a tough one. Have you thought about Z-Tejas at Avery Ranch?

    1. You could consider Round Rock cafe, Muang Thai, Bellini's, Morelia Mex Grill, or whatever took over the Old School Burger Place.

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        Thanks all, looks like direction was set to go to Mesa Rosa. It's a lunch stalwart among the usual suspects. Concur with thoughts on z-Texas (but I just get tired of the "upsell" there) and Muang Thai is a hit too, but I discounted it for size. We'd have to block half their space and it has a fairly small kitchen. Btw, have you tried #27, spicy beef noodle soup. Terrific.

        1. re: cpencis

          I've seen the middle section of Muang Thai turned into large tables. They could easily *seat* 30 during lunch, but you are right, I'm not sure how the kitchen would handle it. I didn't think of that (even with a two or four top, the dishes come out separately sometimes). I have not tried #27, but I almost ordered it on several occasions. I will order it next time.....I wanted to wait until it's blazing hot outside to order soup!

          Mesa Rosa is usually acceptable to most "normals," and I'm sure you'll have some with 30 people. Muang Thai might be too "weird" for some. And I think that Mesa Rosa has gotten much better than in the past - I wrote it off entirely, but kept having to go back for office lunches with normals. I like their chipotle sauce and the enchiladas verdes. They only have one menu, so it is expensive for lunch (but prob checp for dinner).

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            Re: Mesa rosa... They've moved the lunch specials to a small insert inside the main menu. It's still there.

      2. You could drive a little fartherwest and try the Noble Pig.

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          They'd be hard pressed to squeeze 30 people inside in addition to their general customers. I'm not even sure they can fit 30 people in there comfortably.

          1. re: verily

            They can seat about 15 rather uncomfortably!

          2. re: ericthered

            But again, we'd likely have the last dishes come out well after the first dishes were well done. Love the idea, but for a much smaller group.