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Garlic Scapes?

Has anyone seen scapes this season? I haven't come across any, and there haven't been in from my CSA sadly. Anyone gotten lucky?

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  1. They have had them at Headhouse Farmers Market and FFF in the RTM

    1. Doxie I know my CSA (Anchor Run) has not had them yet. Though they may be coming this week. I would check with your CSA to find out when they might be coming.

      In Bucks County, Doylestown farmers market and Stockton Farmers Market in Stockton NJ have vendors that have had them in the past,.

      1. The Rittenhouse Farmer's Market is supposed have them tomorrow.

        1. Thanks! I hadn't checked Headhouse yet, and am happy to see Rittenhouse will have them.

          1. I saw them at the Upper Darby H-Mart last week. Super cheap.

            As an aside, what are you looking to do with them? I haven't had my luck with the ones from my garden.

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              Boy are you right, they were almost free and looked perfect.

            2. Wholes Foods on south street had them last weekend

              1. I bought some at Wolff's Apple House in Media two weekends ago.

                1. I bought some at Pete's Produce in Westtown this afternoon.

                  1. Got some at Fair Food Farms in the RTM yesterday

                    1. Weirdest thing, there were absolute tons of these growing wild on the side of my mom's house. I helped her weed and we threw away a garbage bagful.

                      They smelled great but the side of her house is an alley and too many cars drive past there for me to think of eating them!

                      1. Scapes were $2 a 1/2 lb at the Amish stand in Clark Park today. Looks to be around the end of the season.

                        Also, sour cherries! But that's another thread...(making Katie Loeb's cocktail cherries this afternoon!)

                        1. Two different vendors at Rittenhouse had them today. They were $1.75 for a smallish bunch. I've seen them cheaper at H-Mart, but the Cheltenham store hasn't had them lately.

                          1. Tom Coulton had them at Headhouse on Sunday