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Jun 14, 2013 09:26 AM

Ali Baba's catering or other Lebanese caterer?

My partner and I are getting married in August, and for our entire relationship we've been borderline obsessive fans of Ali Baba's -- in particular the Bloor & Lansdowne location (others are not as good).

We're having a pretty laid back wedding so we wanted to get Ali Baba's to cater -- just drop off a bunch of trays of food on a buffet table. The only problem is the Ali Baba's guy is not the most reliable-seeming human being in the world. When we went to meet him he forgot the price list and was doing rough calculations on the back of a kleenex box.

Does anyone have experience with Ali Baba's as a caterer? Can anyone recommend another Lebanese place that does catering? I know Ghazale does and I'm getting a quote but I'm wondering if there are some great ones in the suburbs I would have never heard of. Again, nothing fancy, we just want a bunch of trays to be dropped off on a buffet table.


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  1. I have really enjoyed catering from Paramount on two separate occasions

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      1. re: happycamper

        For some reason I feel like they would be expensive because they're downtown. I'll give them a call though.

        1. re: curds

          Paramount has a location (or more than one) outside of downtown too.

          I was helping out with an event and they brought in food from Mezzeta on St. Clair. It was all pretty good (except, the chicken kabobs ended up drying out quiet a bit) -

          I have had Ali Baba's a number of times are various events and it has been pretty good. However, I think once they were suppose to provide dishes/forks/etc and they forgot so yeah, just double check everything if you are worried about them being unreliable (not sure which location the food came from).

          1. re: ylsf

            Good to know! thanks.

            Also getting a quote from Ghazale if you have any intel on them...

      2. Al Tanoor, on Lawrence East of Vic Park.
        Excellent and reasonable.
        Ask for Rose the daughter. (The mother is also Rose).
        See previous posts.

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        1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

          Thanks so much -- I called and they are lovely and professional -seeming, and previous posts make me excited to try their stuff. Can't wait.

        2. Does Marche Adonis do catering?