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Brotzeit Biergarten - Oakland

Inside Scoop reports it opened yesterday. Near 10th and Embarcadero, just west of Homewood Suites.


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  1. Brotzeit Biergarten is a total remodel of the old oyster reef.-nice deck outside for eating/drinking in the outdoors

    unable to sample german-centric menu of mostly housemade sausage, selected german entrees, and some american favs (burger, fish & chip, fries) since they were closed friday till 4 for minor repairs.

    draft offerings are pricier than other pubs: 8 germans, 6 U.S,, 2 belgiums.

    linden street brewery made an exclusive for them. beer unique, has body, isn't light, smooth drinking on the edge.

    a minor annonyance is the squeaky floor.
    suggested entry is turning into the motel, staying on the right, going straight to Brotzeit.

    1. Went last light. Indoor and outdoor areas both very nice.

      Beer snack platter ($10) seemed very German: obadzta cheese spread, grammelschmalz seasoned lard spread, smoked peanuts, pickled egg, pickled green beans, pickled turnips, and bretzel. We needed another bretzel ($2.75) to finish it.

      Sausages were good ($18 for two), came with passable sauerkraut, fresh green beans, radishes, good whole wheat bread.

      Pilsner and bock were good, whatever beer comes in the ceramic mug was very refreshing.

      1. Looks like a nice place to eat and drink after visiting Harborside Health Center just down the road.

        'wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more'

        1. I dropped in today for lunch.

          I ordered the "sausage on a bun" (choice of sausage, I got the housemade knackwurst) and some onion rings. The knackwurst was good but not mindblowing. It comes with sauerkraut (which I declined) and pickled onions (which were good) and jalapenos. The bun was buttered and toasted, but it might have been better if it hadn't been, since it was too stiff to wrap around the sausage and fillings. There wouldn't have been room for sauerkraut if I'd wanted it. They need to go with a bun more like Top Dog's.

          The onions rings were disappointing -- a couple of them had lumps of unincorporated flour in the batter, and they were bland. Service was friendly but still getting the hang of things.

          Since I don't drink beer, the beer selection was wasted on me. I'd try some more of the German specialties, but on the strength of what I had, I wouldn't go back if food -- rather than beer -- was my main focus. The setting on the water is so pleasant I'd definitely go back to hang with beer-drinking friends, though.

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          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            My onion rings a couple of weeks ago were the opposite of bland -- very salty and crispy. I quite liked them.

            We also enjoyed the beer snack and sausage platters (although some sausages are better than offers, but I can't remember if it was the knockwurst or the bockwurst that was the best). The smoked peanuts were especially good.

            The bretzel would be better served warm.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              The Firebrand roll they currently use is pretty roomy and wasn't over-toasted.

              Odd thing is, if you get the sausage with fries, how they put your fries on top of the condiments (kraut, onions, jalapenos) so you have to excavate to get to them.

              All sausages except the Vegan one are currently housemade (the Vegan is made by Field Roast). The knackwurst in the sandwich had a nice char and snappy casing, but was pretty dry. The bockwurst was excellent.

              As The Dive mentions below, the cheese spread was very good and the bretzel (also from Firebrand) would be better warmed up.

              1. re: drewskiSF

                I agree about the condiments. Difficult to get to for the sausage, plus I really hate soggy fries and had to act very quickly to save them. However, I do think the fries are quite good. I continue to be impressed by the atmosphere and food/beer.

            2. Went here Saturday afternoon, it's a nice space.

              Tried the knockwurst on a bun and the beer snack platter. I enjoyed both.

              I liked the altbier Linden Street is brewing for them quite a bit, malty and smooth, tasted great on a hot day.

              1. I don't understand the business model. They are charging $8.50 for a wurst in a roll, their way or the highway vs choice of 2 toppings at Rosamunde (which also has an outdoor seating area, albeit not on the water) and the brat is... Saag's.

                Yes, Saag's.

                Why would I order the schnitzel, for example, when Speisekammer is proven at a better price point and just right there over the bridge?

                Nuremberg bratwurst made in-house is pork and...chicken, WTF?

                Service at happy hour today was disjointed to say the least;had to point out that our draughts were to be $1.00 off. The guy at the bar knew beer, but the server was all at sea.
                20 (?) tap list evenly split between uninteresting Germans and uninteresting locals- we fled in short order.

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                1. re: Pius Avocado III

                  So this from their site doesn't sound accurate
                  "We offer many different kinds house-made sausages. . . "

                  1. re: Pius Avocado III

                    We've been there three times and the only non-house-made sausage was the hot dog. Otherwise, they had several (6-8) different house-made sausages. So far, we are big fans -- interesting location, different beers (I may prefer IPAs and Belgians, but the German selection is quite interesting) and pretty good food (still wish they would heat up that pretzel).

                    It is just a different experience than Rosamunde or Speisekammer.

                    1. re: The Dive

                      Went last weekend after a couple month absence. Sunday is now focused on brunch, which is not my favorite meal, but I understand it. Sausages (knackwurst, bockwurst, nuremberger) remain very good. Pretzel still not heated, but not ice cold. Beer list is getting even better, with some good non-German selections added (love seeing Faction on there, plus an interesting Stone collaboration). The beer snack platter was the best yet -- they really have mastered the cheese spread and the peanuts are wonderfully smoky and spicy. Pickled vegetables great too. It will be back in regular rotation.

                  2. Onion rings ($6) were perfect last night. Crisp, crunchy coating, onion cooked perfectly, bit through cleanly, coating didn't fall off, they really don't get much better than this. Saw fish and chips go by, the fish looked equally perfect. The place was pretty quiet so that couldn't hurt.

                    Bacon fat spicy peanuts ($1.50), really good.

                    I guess they dropped the grammelschmalz. Oh well.

                    Kielbasa ($22 for two) wasn't as fatty or garlicky as what I've had at Polish places in NYC but was tasty. Great real sauerkraut, nicely seasoned. Platter came with obatza, bretzel, and rye bread.

                    Monk's Cafe sour on tap, first I've seen that. Yum. Broader selection of beers than before.

                    They're celebrating their first anniversary with a burlesque show. Can't quite imagine how that will work in that space.