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Jun 14, 2013 08:57 AM

Best breads in the Lower Mainland, 2013 version

In light of the recent thread on A Bread Affair buying La Baguette, I wonder if it's time for an update of this thread on best breads.

They can be from a bricks and mortar, from a farmers' market/small biz supplier (I'm looking at you, eatrustic!) or -- gasp! -- from a more commercial bakery, or even not from here if readily available locally.

White, dark, whole grain, whatever you like, but let's keep it "savoury" ie no fruit or sweet breads this time.

I'll start by saying I've been enjoying the offerings at Union Market in Strathcona. On the commercial side, Rudolph's ryes from Toronto -- in particular the flax and the sunflower versions -- have found a permanent home in my freezer

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  1. The country loaf and multigrain from Bigsby the Baker are pretty good.

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      Almost anything from Fieldstone-if trekking out to Crescent Beach isn't in the cards you can meet them halfway @ the Steveston Farmer's Market

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        Yes, Bigsby has great bread, if you like that style (we do) - crusty exterior with a chewy interior. They bake throughout the day so you can pick up a nice warm loaf in the afternoon. But I must say, the proprietors (former Red Onion owners) are a bit strange. Would it kill them to crack a smile at their customers? Then again, I'm only ever there in the afternoons and they've been up for over 12 hrs by then....

      2. Andy's Bakery on Commercial for German Rye. (Though "Andy" - actually Jens - recently passed away.) Strawberry Bakery on E1st and Commercial for same.

        1. The breads at Union are made by Chris Brown (Rise Artisan Baking). He does a lot of farmer's markets as well. I think he is the best bread maker in the city.

          Beyond Bread (4th and Alma) has excellent selection. Their breads are 'Tartine style', and top notch. Their other baking is super tasty as well.

          1. Gesundheit Bakery does the Farmer's Market at Lonsdale Quay as well as lots of others. Good for all types of rye and does a nice soft pretzel.

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              yes, I believe he is the son of Martin who is at various farmer markets in the Okanagan - Wine Country Bakery - EXCELLENT pretzel buns (take some butter with you to the market and eat them right there!)