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Jun 14, 2013 07:40 AM

Tooba's Cafe in Melrose is NOW OPEN

Hubby and I stopped into Tooba’s last night for their first day open and I am delighted to report that Melrose has another great selection in dining options. Truly, just what Melrose has needed, in a city awash with Pizza joints, Roast Beef & Seafood carry out or upscale sit-down restaurants, Tooba’s Middle Eastern/Mediterranean inspired wraps and sandwiches are a welcome addition!

It’s a stylish shop with counter service and plenty of places for comfortable seating. Of course, you can take your food to go, if you would rather.

We both started with the House made soup, which last night was an incredible Tortellini Soup. It was brimming with tender cheese filled tortellini in a delicious tomato based broth. For our main course, we each chose the Falafel sandwich. Freshly made falafel are deep fried and stuffed into a tomato wrap, which is then chocked full of fresh vegetables, and hummus, then quickly pressed in the Panini machine.
Simply couldn’t have been better.

I can’t wait to go back and try some of the other offerings, like Chicken Kubideh, a ground chicken kabob, or the Kabob Barg, their beef tenderloin kabob.

Tooba’s will be open daily from 6AM-9PM, serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

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  1. Where are they located? Google isn't giving me much information on them.

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    1. re: gimlis1mum

      Oops. I should have included that.
      3537 Essex Street
      Melrose MA

      directly across from Shaws.

    2. Thanks for the report- saw they were open as I drove yesterday, but could not stop by. Will have to try it out. I know the owner has another place in Melrose- not sure if it is Coffee, Tea and Me, or a place on Franklin St. It is good to see local people opening up in the city.

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      1. re: macca

        I know it's not Coffee, Teaor Me, but not sure about his other place. I know he's been in Melrose for at least 15 years. I'll be interested to hear your report of the place!

        1. re: macca

          The people who own Coffee Tea and Me are opening a new restaurant on Franklin St in Melrose. I can't remember what it's name will be right now. i am pretty sure the owner of CTM isn't the same as Tooba's.

          1. re: Yvonne51

            Yes, that's correct. Different owners. See the article above that Gio posted from Wicked Local. It gives the details of both new restaurants.

            1. re: Yvonne51

              Thanks! I knew I read the story in the local paper, and remembered, Tooba's Coffee tea and me and Franklin street. Not very good retention!!

                1. re: Karl S

                  Thanks! That's the article I read last week!

          2. Thanks for this, UnclePH. It looks to be something we'll be happy to try.


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            1. re: Gio

              Thanks for posting the Wiked Local article! I'm very excited about La QChara opening. I didn't realize its the same owner as Coffee, Tea and Me. That's a truly great local coffee shop, so I'm certain this will be a big hit. Also, it's walking distance from my house!

            2. We went back for lunch today. Sampled the Kubideh Kabob and the Chicken Barg. Both were great. The Kubideh consisted of nicely seasoned ground beef griddles and folded into a spinach wrap. Lots of fresh veg and hummus. The Chicken Barg, chunks of marinated yogurt chicken in the same spinach wrap. It came with two sides today. Greek yogurt with cucumber and dry mint, and Greek yogurt with shallots. Really loving this place for a delicious casual meal.

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              1. re: UnclePH

                Sound like a really good discovery. Can't find a menu anywhere. Do you know if theres a website or menu online anywhere?

                1. re: UnclePH

                  great news. will be trying it and QChara v. soon, thx to you!

                  1. re: UnclePH

                    hubby has driven by several times and said it's always empty which made him wonder if he can keep his food fresh..I thought I saw somewhere here, but maybe elsewhere that the salmon wasn't fresh and I don't eat meat so all I would have there would be salmon or falafel, so wondering if Unc PH or anyone has been back in the last 4 months. Would love to try give him some business..Dont know why it should be so empty. Hubby thought maybe cuz he doesn't have fries or anything that most locals would want with their sandwiches.

                    1. re: chompie

                      My apologies Chompie for the extremely delayed response to your question. Yes, we have been in several times. Honestly, I have had the same thought and deliberately avoided the salmon for that reason. Chicken has been fine and I very often order the falafel. That being said, he does a pretty robust carry out business which could account for the lack of folks actually in the restaurant. He has a number of vegetarian options. Let me know if you try it. I will be curious to know what you think.

                  2. Went for brunch with my son today. I had a falafel wrap with veggies and my son had an egg sandwich with bacon. We loved both--the falafel was perfectly done, not oily, but still held together nicely with lots of green, parsley I assume, inside. It was rolled up with zucchini, hummus, and lettuce and all, including the wrap, seemed fresh. My 8 yr old liked his bagel egg bacon combo so much he is determined to save the 2nd half for school tomorrow. Really delicious and a nice easy space.