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Jun 14, 2013 07:25 AM

ISO Chinatown Style Noodle Soup Nassau County

Does this city lunch staple exist anywhere east of the Nassau/Queens border?

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  1. I'd try the food court at V&T in Hempstead where they actually have Chinese roast meats. Otherwise, it's slim slim pickins.

    1. I like the dumpling soup at Jani's in Hicksville for their dumpling soup, just like Joe's Shanghai. Further south on Broadway on the right, almost opposite the locksmith shop is a Chinese restaurant with really nice noodle soups, like duck, roast pork, seafood, etc. Your choice of noodle type.


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        Fred, can you be more specific on name or coordinates of this place? Or even name of the locksmith shop? North of LIRR tracks? North of La Finca? Thanks.