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Jun 14, 2013 07:22 AM

Road food between BWI and Charlottesville

Hello. I will be driving from BWI to Charlottesville this afternoon and wondered if anyone had suggestions for stopping for lunch along the way. Looking for great food at a reasonable price and we are not picky. If you have done this drive and have found any gems I would love to hear about it. Thanks!

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  1. Detour through Warrenton and stop at the Red Truck Bakery. On the courthouse square, and there's a website. They're popular - we got in late and there were no sandwiches left, but the soup and baked goods were swell. (They say you can call ahead and reserve, say, an egg salad sandwich with local eggs and homemade pickles, though.)

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      We may be a bit late on that one. We don't arrive at BWI till around 1:30. If it's a thing where they run out of food we may be too late for that party...

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        Sorry - when you said lunch, I thought...but consider it for the way back.

    2. Someone recently asked a smiliary question on the DC/Baltimore Board -- you might pick up some tips here:

      1. If you go down US 15/17/29, just south of where US 17 turns at Opel to go to Fredericksburg and I95, is the Moo-Thru. Its a local joint with local milk and ice cream from local cows. Pretty good. Think they also have sandwiches now, but we have only ever gotten the ice cream.

        Right at that 17/15/29 intersection at Opel, you will probably want to avoid Pete's Park N Eat. I dont have any personal experience there but have heard from a number of road food aficionados that it is a stay-away type experience.

        Further south in Culpeper is a food stand, but I can't quite remember the name of it, there are also a few diners there, one I think is in an old drug store.. I will try to find both those places for you.

        1. Probably missed your drive, but I have always enjoyed stopping at in Remington to break up my drive from Charlottesville to the DC area.

          It's not exactly lunch, but it helps make the road trip enjoyable.

          Otherwise the north end of the Charlottesville area has a number of options such as Timberwood Grill or Carving Board Cafe.

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            My dad and step-mom live in Remington and I pass that place often.... I've never made it in, though. I'll have to make a point of going there when things start warming up.

          2. If you decide to take the "scenic northern route", this is an interesting joint:

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              I see something on their menu or that of their sister restaurant something called "crabmeat fluff". Any idea what that is?

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                Do they really know how to cook all the Thai food and seafood they have on their menu? Looks a big menu for a small place to me.