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Jun 14, 2013 06:53 AM

Jimmy's Bistro in Delray Beach

How is it going there? Is it still really good?

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  1. I was disappointed the last time I was there. Overcharged and no apology. Food was good, but not great.

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    1. re: DiFlorida

      I noticed that this restaurant was lauded as a good "neighborhood" place in the local newspaper (PBP). Wondering if anyone has any additional comments (??)


      1. re: erica

        I keep on forgetting about this place - and need to try it.

        I do know it is tiny, so a res is a must.

        I've glanced at the menu several times walking by. It always looks interesting - there are typically at least a few New Orleans type dishes (Shrimp Etouffee, Gumbo, etc) - among many others. But it's by no means "Cajun".

        Prices are not cheap from what I've seen, in fact, they appear to be on par with 32 East and The Grove - in other words, among Delray's highest.

        Just from around town etc, I've generally heard somewhat mixed reviews about the atmosphere and service - but almost universally positive regarding the food.

        1. re: erica

          I was there back in June and we really enjoyed our meals. We got the snapper dishes, the caprese salad and a few glasses of wine. This was during the week and there was only one other party there when we arrived,around 630ish. By the time we left, it had filled up a little bit more.

          My date liked it a lot too, he always says he wanted to go back. We like it because it is NOT a scene and you don't feel like you have to be a trendy chic fashionista to dine there. It's down to earth and comfortable and not overwhelming on a social level.

          Parking is a pain, but I always complain about parking anywhere in downtown delray.

          1. re: OysterHo

            Thanks for the responses! I mentioned on another thread that when we go out, we have been dining at either Oceano or Buccan, but dining companions might have issues with either one of those: PO due to the intricacies of snagging a table (I can just hear it: "What do you mean, you have to get there an hour early to get a table at a pizza place?!?!?") and Buccan because some write it off due to perceived "trendiness" and because being in PB must mean that it is overpriced.

            So I am on the lookout for other places, especially in the general Delray/Boca area. I will put Jimmy's Bistro on the list (very leery of places in and around the Atlantic strip, though, and the prices might be a turn off as well) and might also like to try Rebel House, although from what I read, that will not be for "everyone" either. Further north, might try Avocado Grill one of these days.

      2. Here's a photo of the all-blackboard menu from Tuesday Jan 27, 2015.

        (I would revise my prev statement that prices here appear to be among the highest in town. These are most definitely not).

        I'm expecting to go for dinner within the next few weeks, to find out what's most important though. :-)