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Anyone familiar with Naked Wines?

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My mom has a $100 voucher from this company called Naked Wines (that she received with an online shoe order--random, I know) and asked if she could use it to order us some wine.

Of course, my response was --what's the catch? Obviously, that sounds too good to be true.

I looked into them a bit and they appear to be a legit company, but the reviews are very mixed.

Thought I would put this on here to see if anyone knows of the company.


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  1. I have received the same "coupon". Took one look at the website and laughed. Your Mom is better off taking 100$ to a local wine store and asking for recommendations.

    1. Would she have to put in some of her own money, and if so, how much?

      It's an interesting model: the wineries are selling direct, and the company takes 10%.


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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Interesting concept, and one, with which, I was unfamiliar, until this post, and your link.

        Sounds a bit like a variation on the négociant, but obviously with some differences.

        Your question about additional monetary investment could well be the key to the value of that "certificate."

        Even if the wines are not all that good (no reason to think that they would not be), if one has a certificate, that is the only "stake in the game," I would go for it. However, if there are additions, beyond shipping, I would have to weigh those.

        Would be interesting to hear from wine drinkers, who HAVE had their wines.

        Somehow, this reminds me of the wine sales company (forget the name, but they are almost always at my bigger Costco), that claims to buy excess CA cult wines, 1er Cru wines, and the like, only to rebrand them with their name, and sell them highly discounted - think that it's a man's name. I have sampled many of their wines, and not been impressed with any. Others tell me that I just hit on a "bad day," as their offerings seem to change by the hour. They use only numbers, and only allude to the wines in the bottle. Guess that my timing has always been horrible, as I would never buy another of any of the "numbers," that I have sampled.

        Hope to see a full report on Naked Wines.


        1. re: Bill Hunt

          lol. there is no such thing as "excess" california cult wine or 1er cru, and you know that. :)

          even bond and harlan have "2nd" labels now. the skin in the game is too much to be flushing away their own grapes.

          1. re: hotoynoodle

            Well, THAT is what the literature states...

            Now, I have not encountered such, and cannot imagine that I would, but then there is their PR.

            Wish that I could recall the name, as others will likely have some input. ____ Cameron?


            1. re: Bill Hunt

              Cameron Hughes maybe? I recall trying a blend from them a few years ago from World Market and it sounds like the concept fits your description.

              I remember thinking that I thought it would be be better than it was after reading the promo card.

              1. re: bte576

                That sounds like Cameron Hughes to me. I didn't think the wines were bad values for the price.

                I suspect that the wines he buys are from wineries trying to break into a particular overcrowded market segment, e.g. $30 Zinfandel or $50 Cabernet Sauvignon. They don't want to undercut the brand they're trying to build and don't have the resources to create and promote a second label, so they sell it off.

                1. re: bte576

                  Ah, that is IT. Thank you.

                  A good friend, who is an avowed wino, loves what he has tasted and bought, but I am not a fan, at least so far.

                  The concept is that today's offering is different than what was offered yesterday. Guess that I just missed the "great stuff?"

                  I have sampled many times, and have purchased several mixed cases, to only be underwhelmed on all. Maybe a difference in palate?

                  Thank you,


        2. I have one of those vouchers, as well. I was just now checking the web site. The wines are all made by unknown wineries and of unknown provenance. I'm sure buying from them would be a crapshoot. Perhaps some of them would be good, but I don't generally buy low-end Aussie shiraz, and there are 3 in the case. (That's just for starters.)

          My coupon offers $100 off on a case, since the case I was shown costs $160, that would cost me $60. I'm taking a pass...

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          1. re: ChefJune

            Randall Grahm's one of the best-known winemakers in the world:


            Most of the wines are unknown because that's the business model. Read the Forbes article.

            1. re: ChefJune

              Hm-m, US $5 per bottle? I think that I would be tempted to give them a go, just to see for myself.

              Now, low-end OZ Shiraz is not on MY list either, but at $5, there is not a major investment.

              Would love to hear from someone, who put them to a test, and whose palate I respect.



            2. Assuming all is legit, if the real price is in the I've dollar a bottle range and there is nothing in the case you know you dislike, it sounds as if it might be worth trying. The cheapest stuff I drink is usually in the 5.99 -8 range at the grocery store. Most are less than memorable but still pleasant to drink. Saving a buck a bottle in that range is percentage wise a big swing and therefore should appeal to a regular wine drinker on a tight budget. If it turns out ok and you drink a few bottles a week you save enough that now and then you can splurge on something pricier.

              1. I think she thought she would be able to place an order with spending little to no money. It seems they offer a deal when you enter your voucher number that you don't see when just browsing the site.

                I figure then it would be worth trying them out, but some of the reviews online stated they were enrolled in their loyalty program without authorizing it and then it made me question if it was a good idea for them to have her credit card information.

                If we try them out, I will definitely post the verdict.

                1. The best thing to do with any company you suspect will auto enroll you in any ongoing plan is to cancel the credit card you used & get another one from your credit card company. It's free and it's also a good idea to change your credit card numbers at least once a year. There are so many criminals in our 'free enterprise' system that let's predators drain people's credit cards. Oftentimes companies will auto enroll you and by the time you realize they're stealing money from your credit card the amount can be quite large. Auto enroll should be outlawed because corrupt companies know a good percentage of people won't notice extra charges the companies are stealing. I don't know about the practices of this company yet but my practice described above should be followed by anyone to prevent corporate criminals from stealing from them. Good luck & change your credit card numbers regularly. Protect yourself!

                  1. I joined naked wines a couple of years ago, and used it for a year or so. It was free shipping at first, and the prices were great. I'm ok with cheap wines as long as they're drinkable. But some of the prices went up by 25% or more, some of the better bargains disappeared, and then the free shipping disappeared, so I can now buy my wines cheaper at the local bottle shop. And a few of the wines were pretty terrible. So last August or so I cancelled, and stopped paying $40/month. So I was surprised and pissed off to look at my credit card bill to find that they had started billing me again in January!!! I promptly called, and was told I hadn't been cancelled, I had been put on hold for 4 months, so this month they reactivated my account and started billing me again. Bullshit! So I've solved that I hope, but I wouldn't recommend that you trust them.

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                    1. re: jgcookie69

                      Their wine isn't of cheap quality. They have world famous winemaker..so you must not know wine. Prices go up. You are helping the growth of new wine when you become a member. Sorry you had a difficult experience. Mines been nothing but satisfying.

                    2. I rec'd a $100.00 voucher for nakedwines and could never
                      find out how to redeem it. Can anyone tell me if you ever
                      rec'd one and were you able to redeem or not.

                      1. The catch is they take $20 per month from your account and keep it in a naked wines account so that you accumulate money to buy. You can also ask for your money back. If I don't buy wine, it's like found (re found) money. The wines are good and inexpensive.

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                        1. re: Penelope0062

                          "The catch is they take $20 per month from your account and keep it in a naked wines account so that you accumulate money to buy."

                          Wow. What a business model. Payment in advance? Why would I do that unless their wines were roll-your-socks-down good. Don't get it.

                        2. I tried them when I got a voucher and I LOVE them!!! The bottles I try are generally cheaper than what I would get at the grocery, and it's delivered----how awesome is THAT??

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                          1. re: gennyvieve

                            I don't think I've ever heard "awesome" and "grocery" wines used together, sets a pretty low bar I'm afraid. ; >P

                            1. re: gennyvieve

                              Let me first say that I'm very glad you have liked the wines you've received so far.

                              That said, to be fair, I've *not* liked the (admittedly) few wines from them that I've tasted. This is not an "I'm right; you're wrong" scenario. It merely means the we each have our own tastes, and what is "love" to some people's palates may be -- well, less so -- to others.

                            2. I had $50 voucher as well. Ordered 6 bottles of wine on 10th April. I had to make 3 phone calls plus 2 emails as to when the wines will be delivered (as they advertise it as next day delivery), they kept telling me it will be delivered the next day, however I never got them. So I had to call them again today asking for a refund. I have wasted alot of time following this up. I will never order from this company again.

                              1. BEWARE! They put you in a $40/month subscription... then 3 months after I canceled they started the subscription up again without asking me!


                                1. Be VERY careful! Ater their "introductory offer" they will charge your credit card even if you don't authorize the transaction (without prior notification), and will do so a few months later again when you are not aware of what they are doing. This is a very shady racket and anyone who falls victim to this will sincerely regret doing business with this wino company.

                                  1. Friend gave me a coupon, ordered and just received. If you can use the coupon and still get the "Angel" prices, it is a good deal. They want you to sign up as an Angel meaning you pay $40 monthly, which accrues towards your next wine purchase. Honored my coupon without requiring sign up. Received order, plus one free bottle, and like the one we have opened so far. They have over 55,000 Angels so if you see something you want to try, order quick.

                                    1. I received 14 bottles of wine for $66 with coupon and Angel pricing. Delivery took 3 days to get from Sacramento to Kansas City. Have no complaints so far but sure there is a variance in wine quality. Person I dealt with was very helpful and nice. You can order online, but to get Angel prices had to call. Number is on form you fill out to order.

                                      1. I have been a member since last year. I started with the 100 certificate. You become a member with the 40 dollars it cost. That 40 will go to future purchases. My second order I had 120 dollars to spend. It's like a wine bank as I see it. That's only if you like to drink wine. I haven't had any problems with nakedwines. You are able to speak to the winemakers ask questions and they will answer. They offer a good selection of wines. I just got another case delivered today.

                                        1. I have now tried 3 of the different wines I ordered, and I like all 3. One thing I have noticed is you definitely need to let the wines aerate for at least an hour before drinking, the difference is dramatic. My opinion is that these wines are much better than the similar priced wines at the liquor store, grocery store, or wherever you buy your wines. The $100 discount is a nice bargain, after that you are still getting quality wines at a reduced cost. Once you are an Angel, you get first opportunity to purchase the more popular wines. The current offer is for a Pinot Noir that will be distributed in August, a $10 deposit reserves you a case. I am very satisfied with this company so far.

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                                          1. re: halkirk

                                            I was that go to the liquor store wine gal. When I started to want get more into the wine and the pairing. .I just was lucky enough to stumble upon Nakedwines. I have been able to try a variety wines. They are there to offer help whenever needed. Only sad part about it was when I bought a case and loved a wine . Only to find out I couldn't order it again..not available in NJ. Otherwise very happy and I put my 10 dollars down for the pinot noir!

                                            1. re: halkirk

                                              Do you think it's wise to ship/distribute wine in August?

                                              1. re: jlbwendt

                                                I usually get it within a day of it shipping, and since you have to be there to sign for it, it's not like it will sit out in the sun all day.....

                                            2. I was an "Angel" for several months. I gave this a fair shake because I thought the concept was interesting - that you're getting a deal on these wines that are exclusively made for Nakedwines by independent winemakers. I bought approximately $500 of their wines over a 9 month period of time and tried a pretty broad array of them - whites and reds from California, France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Australia and New Zealand. I just cancelled my account because, while a few of the wines were pretty good, they didn't really live up to the billing. The so-called "normal price" was often fairly high (e.g., $29.99) with an "Angel price" of $14.99. Since these wines are not sold anywhere else, there is no way to verify that the "normal price" reflects the true market value. In my experience, their $14.99 wines tasted like $14.99 wines. Their $9 wines tasted like $9 wines and so on. I live in Sonoma County so there's plenty of wine around and I concluded that I didn't need to order these wines online to get a good deal on wine.

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                                              1. re: AndersJ

                                                Do you find a lot of $9 and $14.99 wines at local wineries around Sonoma? I'm assuming you're talking about the same wines we all see at big box and specialty stores in California....... or is the selection better where you live? I love visiting Sonoma, but don't find those prices when I visit wineries there.

                                                1. re: Midlife

                                                  a) Yes, you can find Sonoma appellation wines in the $9.99-$14.99 range, BUT . . .

                                                  b) Keep in mind that Naked Wines sources wines from all over the planet, not just Sonoma -- and it's EASY to find delicious wines in that price range without resulting to joining any sort of "club."

                                                  1. re: zin1953

                                                    I was specifically asking if they are available 'at wineries'. I'm familiar with producers like Sonona Wine Company, who seem to produce lots of wine under lots of labels. My impression, though, is that those wines are not sold at brick and mortar wineries. Wrong?

                                                    1. re: Midlife

                                                      I wasn't specifically referring to wines purchased at wineries. In general, I find that the wine departments at a lot of retail stores in Sonoma and Napa do tend to be larger than in other areas in part because there is such an emphasis on wine in these areas. However, that was not really my point. In general, I think in most urban/suburban areas in the US, you can find some decent selections of wine at pretty good prices, and the Nakedwines proposition just falls short given the expectation that they set that you're getting something that would normally sell for much more than you're paying.

                                                      1. re: AndersJ

                                                        Agreed (based upon the limited number I have tried).

                                                        1. re: AndersJ

                                                          Sorry. I think I misunderstood. I've been in Sonoma a lot and hadn't seen what appeared to be an unusual wine supply at retail. With a chain store near us, like Total Wine, and an great independent, like Hi Time, the South OC has "lots of wine around" too. I've started buying from Wines Til Sold Out lately because they offer very deep discounts on wines (at least the CA ones) I can actually get tasting reviews on. Granted most of what I buy is in the upper teens in price.

                                                2. I received a $100 voucher today also. but there's a catch I knew there would be on... I have to spend $160 minimumplus shipping. so with that said I'll be shopping at my neighborhood BevMo.

                                                  1. I am a angel ( member) of NW and live it. The wines are wonderful, the costumer service is A1 and in my opinion you can't go wrong. I order by the case and have not gotten a bad bottle yet.

                                                    1. I got one of the $100 voucher. No catch. They send you a sampler case (6 bottles) worth $160 and you get it for $60. We've tried 2 of the reds so far and really like them. I've bought from them again. Fast delivery and very friendly and helpful staff. I would recommend them.

                                                      1. I am an "Angel" from "naked wines" and i have to say every time i have ordered from them , i am happy with the wines (whites and reds). The customer service is A+ and shipping is fast. Yes you have to spend $60 in the beginning, but in my honest opinion, it's worth it.

                                                        1. The key to it all is to pick your own case and before you use the voucher become an angel. You will be charged 40 at the beginning of each month and a huge discount on all wines plus a free bottle with your order in the future. If you don't like a wine let them know, they have great customer service. If you wish to cancel and get your money back that is also an option. Great concept and I have found that best way to order monthly 14 bottles and put in 15th as their free bottle( largest box available). It comes 4 days later to my home in FL. So far I've ordered maybe 5 cases of 15 and only found one bottle that I would not drink again. You can read comments on their blog and rate the wine so that they can make suggestions as far as what your taste is easy big etc I am sold and I would highly recommend them.....FYI i am 60 yrs old and have been a red wine drinker at typically 15.00 - 25.00 wines but have had the pleasure of drinking some $$$$$$ rare treasures also.

                                                          1. I really enjoy naked wines. I had the $100 voucher , plus joined the Angels program, so paid $88 for 18 bottles of wine. I REALLY like the Sweet Angel red, just this side of sweet, but not cloyingly sweet. I got the Poolside Sippers and love them so far. I love the variety. And at approx $4 a bottle.... They're great!

                                                            1. This is an old post, I realize, but I really like Naked Wines. I've been an angel for 6 months (or more, maybe) and every case is an adventure. It's true what someone said here - as soon as you discover something you love, it's sold out. I've started reordering the things I like quickly. But that's part of the fun - you are constantly trying new things without breaking the bank.

                                                              Many wineries in Washington State has a tasting room in my town, so I get to drink and buy a lot of local-ish wine and talk to a lot of wine makers. But WA wines are not bargains. If I want to expand my wine knowledge, I have to look farther than my back yard. (800 wineries in WA, 100 tasting rooms in Woodinville.)

                                                              I've never had a problem with a delivery, they are great at crediting you for bad bottles (it happens, especially since most of the wine makers are experimenting), and I love how responsive the wine makers are. If you leave a review of their wine on the site, they will reply. It's nice to be able to tell them when I appreciate something.

                                                              If you are a 'serious' wine drinker, in that you know all of your appellations and buy futures etc, this is probably not for you. But if you are a FUN wine drinker give this a shot. I really like knowing I'm helping great wine makers get their businesses off the ground.

                                                              1. They are totally awesome, and I have had nothing but excellent experience. I am an ANGEL and contribute 40 to up and coming winemakers, including women (!) who raise families. I had a case shipped (next day delivery) to my hosts, the NAPA part of my family. They know their wines, and they continue to be impressed as they enjoy more bottles of this shipment.
                                                                They are a pleasure to deal with on the phone and have a tasting room downtown Napa, CA were - as a WINE ANGEL, I can take a guest for comp wine tastings. Trouble is, I live in Seattle.
                                                                Try them, that's how I started with the voucher and now continue on. Next up: A case as a wedding gift, BD gift and most likely for Christmas as well :) Go 4 it!

                                                                1. i had a $100 Voucher as well and again it was random. However i (after a few drinks one night) thought id have a look at it and thought it good value. in the end i paid $63 for 12 mixed bottles of wine and they also gave me 3 bottles free ...so 15 bottles for $63 :) very happy

                                                                  1. Maybe the wines are good for cooking only. At $5 each, I won't expect any better.

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                                                                    1. re: luponostrano

                                                                      And you would be wrong.

                                                                    2. I too was a skeptic but I took a risk and I had an excellent experience buying wine using my $100 coupon. I opted to upgrade to premium but was not pressured in any way. I have been 100% satisfied with the wines I received (within 2 days) and as a result joined the club. It is a no-lose deal and becoming a very popular method for distributing otherwise unavailable and undiscovered Napa wines.

                                                                      1. I am a Brit visiting the US on business. I have been a member of Naked Wines in the UK for nearly two years. It is an amazing business, growing very quickly. In the UK it has 140,000 regular customers. When you get a $100 vouchet, trust me, there is NO catch - that is how they got to me in the UK and I used it, learnt about them and joined up about two years ago.

                                                                        I am now an "Angel" and I pay £20 a month (call it $35) to Naked Wines (there are 140,000 of us in the UK, so they receive $4.9m a month...) and they invest this in winemakers around the world in return for supply agreements. They offer the wines for sale at direct internet shopping prices, but give the guys like me who pay £20 every month a discount of about 25% because we are cashflowing the wine makers. Personally, I let the £20 build up and buy a case about every three or four months; and the wines are great value. I would highly recommend three or four growers already and I cannot speak highly enough about this club. The wines from Arabella (Stephen de Wit) are some of the best I've ever tasted. In the UK recently they offered a high quality Cabernet/Merlot from Chile. The winemaker had lost a sale to his merchant reseller as the guy had gone bust, and he had his entire year's output about to go south. Naked Wines heard about the predicament, bought the lot and sold it to the Angels for half price. A real win-win.

                                                                        Please do not laugh at this proposition - you get great value from people who really care. I had one corked bottle in a mixed case recently - they refunded me double the cost and sent me a free bottle of something else in the next order to say "Sorry" - and the owner of the wine company sent me a personal note apologising.... try that at Walmart?

                                                                        They have really top quality people at the top of this organisation and they are going to be a great success.

                                                                        If in doubt, check out this article from a British newspaper, published in 2013:


                                                                        Happy drinking....

                                                                        1. I received a $100 coupon for nakedwines.com, came with my order from tiny prints. When I put in the code and password, it told me that there was a problem with both and to call the number given. It was NOT a regular phone number, has anyone had any probkems like this?