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What is the best 13 x 9 pan for casseroles?

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This pan would be used about once a week for heating an already roasted chicken or for baking some kind of casserole. Wouldn't really need to go under the broiler and I do make lasagne, but rarely.

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  1. I like Emile Henry's Lasagna Dish. Its broiler safe, looks great, and performs well. And its made in France unlike Le Creuset's which are made in Thailand and China.

    1. I like mine that I got from QVC. It is the one by Temptation. It comes with a metal rack and a plastic cover for food storage and a stoneware cover that can also be used for a tray.
      My 13 x 9 casserole on my want list is the LC enameled cast iron one.

      1. I own a Le Creuset and it works really well. The heat content of the pan keeps things warm tableside for a long time in addition to cooking well.

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          2nd Le Creuset. Love my blue one.

        2. I bought this: http://tinyurl.com/l92w7yo
          Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Roast & Broil Pan w/ Non-Stick Rack

          It would serve you well for the uses you intend. It cleans up nicely and goes into the dishwasher.