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Jun 14, 2013 05:58 AM

Tabule on Queen E.

Finally got to Tabule on Queen East yesterday. It was an amazing meal! The restaurant has been beautifully decorated with a very warm feel to it.
Service was spot in, attentive but not intrusive.
Meal was just perfect, we shared a bunch of dishes. Highlights for me included the babaganoush made with smoked eggplant and the stewed tomatoes. Had a pot of fresh mint tea for dessert (was too full for real dessert).
Can't wait to go back!

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  1. Good to hear but I think it is spelled Tabule? (just for future search purposes)

      1. Just to confirm -- you mean Tabule, right? Or is there another spot that uses the Tabouli spelling?

        1. I got a falafel take out - it was outstanding. The music in the restaurant was way too loud - not sure I'd bring people there unless we were seated at one of the tables by the open windows where we might be able to converse without YELLING at each other!

          1. Ate lunch at Tabule on Queen today. The location is beautiful, tastefully decorated and comfortable. Shared the cold mezze platter with hummus, tabule and labni. The labni is a standout, with a smooth and unctuous texture and a rich flavour. Also had the grape leaves and the Lebanese sausage. The sausage was flavourful, but the grape leaved were excessively oily and slightly understuffed. We did not try the "dinner" portions of grilled meats, but enjoyed the meal sufficiently to return. Also, the fresh juice and cocktail list looked enticing- will give them a try the next time!