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Jun 14, 2013 05:51 AM

Vegetarian options


I'm having a party for a group of 30 people in Queens, NY, many of them pure vegan and was considering my options. Anybody know of a good Italian or Greek place around here that has a variety of veg dishes to pick from (either pick-up or delivery) ? I'm staying away from Indian or Thai as some folks in the party don't eat that


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  1. I think you may do better with Greek food if you need a variety of vegan options, though both cuisines lean heavy on cheese. How about specifying which part of Queens you're in, or willing to travel for pick-up? The borough's not small!

    1. Excellent response - I'm in Richmond Hill so something nearby would help! Not able to find something directly in richmond hill though

      1. Something in forest hills, kew gardens, glendale should work well as I can quickly do a pick-up. I think one advantage of greek food is that it doesn't need to be served piping hot and it's often served just warm right? It may suit being it'll be summer time in a few weeks

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          Do you know Wafa's?

          That place is great, and seems like a workable location for you, no?:

          1. re: round2

            Yes i know wafa's since the days she had a small shop with 2 small tables. She was fantastic but don't care for their food anymore

        2. New Bodai in flushing!

          Love it.

          Its south by the LIE easy to get to without the fuss of downtown flushing