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Jun 14, 2013 03:37 AM

Toddy maker sold in Montreal?

After years--long gone, thank God--of working in a coffee shop, I am spoiled during the summer months with a love of cold-pressed iced coffee. We always used a toddy maker that we also sold as retail for the process, but I've not had much luck in locating one here in Quebec. Does anyone know of a coffee shop or a retail shop that sells them? I have been using various methods found on the Internet but really the volume and flavor is not the same (but will do in a pinch). All the stores listed on the website are West Coast and I'd rather not have to pay the exborbitant shipping via Canada Post.

Help me?

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  1. This place is in the Ottawa area and ships to Quebec for free on orders over $50

    I've never ordered from them though so I don't know if they are any good. Or time for a road trip!

    1. If you do a search on the "Clever Coffee Dripper", you will find something similar - available fairly widely over the internet, including

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        Ah, Clever Coffee Dripper only does it by the cupful. And sells toddy makers but for $70 a pop (!!!). Canada is MORE expensive!

        In any case, my best friend is sending me one for free from my old store in Atlanta so I guess it got resolved?