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Jun 13, 2013 11:37 PM

First Jersey Mike's Subs now open in Santa Clara an East Coast transplant - any reports?

First Jersey Mike's Subs in NorCal now in Santa Clara, a New Jersey sub chain. Meats sliced fresh in front of customers, bread dough flown in from Jersey, sandwiches w/ oil & red wine vinegar.

No. 13 the Original Italian is the chain's top seller, with 5 meats: salami, pepperoni, ham, prosciuttini & cappacuolo & then provolone. Also popular is the roast beef sandwich, made from top rounds of beef cooked daily in-house.

Jersey Mike's Subs
3937 Rivermark Plaza, Santa Clara
Open daily 10am-9pm

Hope to read some reports & from people that can say if it's as good as in NJ.

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  1. OOH!

    Yeah when I first moved here, whenever I ordered a sandwich from a deli, I would tell the person behind the counter, "Can you put oil and vinegar on the sandwich? No, more. More. Keep going. More..." I've gotten used to eating my sandwiches San Francisco style, but man, it would be nice to be able to buy a Jersey Mike's sub out here. Hope they open one a little more north...

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    1. re: dunstable

      I gave up on sandwiches in California after allways being asked if I wanted sprouts on my pastrami.

      1. re: dunstable

        Grew up in delaware, had the same experience. There was an italian deli on Piedmont Ave in Oakland where I'd get my "italian" and they finally got used to me and my oil / vinegar fetish. I moved out of that neighborhood, switched to burritos for lunch, they went out of business.

        Looking forward to a real sub. Will footnote in my mind.

      2. If it is anything like the original in Point Pleasant NJ, then it should be very good. Have had more than my share of Mike's subs over the years.

        Having said that, a lot can be lost on the way from NJ to Ca :)

        1. This is excellent news. The Bay Area doesn't have enough "sub/hoagie" style sandwich places. Back on the East Coast this was the paradigmatic something you grabbed for your lunch break.

          #6 (roast beef), Mike's way, light mayo, thank you.

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          1. re: mikeh

            #19 Final Stop 7.75
            Everything Else, Ham,Turkey,Hot Coppa,
            Roasted Red Peppers,Olives

            1. re: wolfe

              One does not "enough" make. And certainly not enough in Silicon Valley/South Bay.

          2. Second location coming to Mountain View -

            "Our new location at San Antonio Rd on El Camino Real is projected to open June 26th."

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            1. re: mikeh

              Near my office! Woot!

              Likely to be in the shopping center with the new safeway, because catty-corner is Los Altos, and I think across the street is Palo Alto.

              1. re: bbulkow

                Almost certainly "The Village" where the new Safeway is. That side of El Camino is Mountain View on both sides of San Antonio, but I don't think there's an open spot near Sprouts. Lots of open places in The Village. The Counter is supposed to open on Monday. Looks like you'll be getting more options in short order!

                1. re: Peter Yee

                  It's right between Sprouts & Cold Stone, in Lettuce's old spot.

              2. re: mikeh

                I checked the one in Mountain View yesterday. Not open, but work going on inside. I then went to the Santa Clara location and was told that Mountain View would be opening on July 10th -- they had only just sent in their first Sysco order yesterday, so they weren't in a position to prepare anything immediately. Some of the Mountain View staff were in Santa Clara learning the ropes.

              3. Ate my first Jersey Mike's cheesesteak from the Philadelphia train station a couple of months ago. I know the purists would probably scoff, but I enjoyed it, and I couldn't make it to Reading Terminal before my train, which is my usual go-to for cheesesteaks to go. Wish we had them in western Mass.