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Jun 13, 2013 09:52 PM

Kebab Factory Lunch Buffet Update

I know a number of former CH fans have stopped going to the $9 Lunch Buffet here, but i have some fyi:
The new , Punjabi, owner (also owns Yak and Yeti in Somville)has a BC student/son (Jagmi/Jerry) who is to manage KF over the summer. Couldn't be nicer, and you may wish to revisit and make some suggestions to him, as they just might get a serious listen.

IMO, there's just not enough variety. Protein> FOUR chicken dishes today (usually 3): tandoor chicken, chick tikka masala, chick chili, fried chick wings (and that regular crummy shrimp dish). Their very delicious fresh light pakora are not an everyday item but they should be; they need more non-gloppy dishes w/ better veggies (their occasional okra is super as is their occasional kidney bean dish.)

Just to clarify, the KF Punjabi chefs are the same ones who were there with the old owner (owner changed 12/2012.)

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  1. Oh, that's a little disappointing. I was planning on going there this weekend. What's the best weekend Indian buffet option in the Boston Area?

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      The South Indian suburban ones like Ritu Ki Rasoi or Chennai Woodlands. I suspect that it's too expensive to include lots of meat items and keep the quality up too.

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        never been on a wkend; price is little higher/$13? and more variety I have heard. call and ask them.

      2. I find the buffet setup to be so strange. Right as you walk into the door, if you don't stop, you're in a chafing dish of shrimp curry. They really should move that away from the entrance so you don't have to dodge the damn thing.

        1. What about the food? What did you have, how did it taste? How were the spices in the dishes? Good to know they need more non-gloppy dishes but, it means little if what they are currently offering isn't good.

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            i am very happy w/ the spicing/flavoring and cooking of the (moist )tandoor chicken and veggies, the tikka masala sauce, the pakoras, the okra, the red kidney beans dish, the potato veggie melange.they are what i eat there. not a fan of other dishes there but My Love is more ecumenical than I, and well satisfied.

          2. I ended up going here to Kebab Factory on Sunday as planned. I thought they had really good variety, they had goat curry (my favorite), a shrimp dish, a few chicken dishes (tikki masala, tandori and one more I'm forgetting), Samosas, Palek Paneer, a potato and cauliflower dish, Puri, and maybe a few other dishes I'm forgetting. They also came around with Dosas which was a nice touch. No surprise, the goat was my favorite dish, it fell right off the bone, but was not over cooked.

            Everything was pretty good, however I did find that the food was very light on spice (heat). Also, some of the food was a little luke warm, and I felt they used a lot of potato as filler. (The filling for the samosas, dosas, and puri were either the same or very similar, very heavy on potatos.) Still for a $13 lunch buffet, I thought it was good.

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            1. re: tysonmcneely

              that's a disappointing report because the menu you itemized is exactly what was there last Wed., with the addition of dosa,
              goat,poori. i'm guessing your other chick dish was chili chicken (indian version of sweet and sour). I do wish they would step up their game.

            2. is this the KF in the financial district?

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                no, it's in somerville by bergamot(no.beacon and kirkland)