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Jun 13, 2013 09:16 PM

Market Basket Cod. Frozen vs. fresh............

My husband goes on these weekly guerrila-style shopping forays to the local (Salem) MB. On a whim, I asked him to pick me up a piece of haddock, like a pound. I figured this would be a little tricky as he does not eat seafood. I told him to wing it.

He came home with a big package of cod fillet, for under ten bucks. Luckily my daughter and a friend were here. I did a simple pan roast. It was absolutely delicious. I had to check the label. It was the "previously frozen" cod at $5.99/lb. Normally I pay like 4x this price at the local fish market. And this was better.

So good, in fact, that two days later the girls were begging for it again. So I went over on my own. When I got to the checkout, it seemed significantly pricier. A manager checked, and it turns out that this was the local, unfrozen cod @ $9.99/lb. I guess they should have asked at the counter. And they offered to switch it for the frozen. But I decided to spare myself all of that. I took it home and cooked it the same way and it was also absolutely wonderfully fresh and delicious. Completely on par with high end restaurant cod, which I know from experience often runs $20+/serving. Deservedly so.

OK, here is the really cool, Chow-y part. On his next mission, I was able to get him to order about 1.5 pounds of BOTH. Again, I cooked them within four hours of purchase, same simple method as before for both. Same three of us devouring. (I was the only one who know which was which). While there was a bit of a difference in taste, we could not declare a winner. I felt that the local/fresh seemed to have a bit more "density" in terms of texture and flavor. The most striking thing was the outstanding quality of both, with the simplest of preparations.

The other thing is that for some random reason it had been years since I bought cod to cook at home. I have been spending way more money on thinner fillets of haddock and flounder, with unspectacular results. I finally feel like I have mastered a beloved New England classic. Couldn't be easier! Hope you like!

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  1. Time for you to have your own TV show - nsgirl's Test Kitchen!

    1. MB could have a very good seafood manager who carefully thaws just what is needed for a short time keeps the fish well iced.

      You have found a good local supplier but I don't know if I would have the same results if I bought previously frozen cod from Whole Foods on Westland Avenue where the fish department is not as outstanding.

      I worked my way through college in a good retail seafood operation and know the many ways handling can impact the product.


      1. Market Basket is known for it's good seafood department. We shop for fish once a week at the Reading MB and have never been disappointed with the freshness or quality of whatever we've bought.

        Because of long time overfishing and other environmental issues we haven't eaten cod since we belonged to the Gloucester Community Supported Fishery. Do try MB's wonderful selection of other seafood. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how delicious all their fish is. We especially like the wild Florida Gulf shrimp and the wild Pacific salmon!

        1. Their Norwegian Salmon is excellent.

          1. I love this experiment! Thanks for sharing. Very rigorous with proper controls and blinded randomized study. I've also found that previously frozen fish (even at Stop and Shop) can be absolutely fine. I think most fish is frozen at sea (unless marked day boat). Fish can be made almost anywhere these days based on better shipping/flying and handling. I had wonderful fiah and shrimp at a Mariscos in Tucson, which I recall is in the desert.