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Jun 13, 2013 08:13 PM

Tamashii ramen pacific east mall,richmond

Saw this sign a few days ago. Anyone familiar with tamashii ramen?

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  1. Logo appears to be the same as this spot in Sherman Oaks. That would be nice if they're related.

    But I can't make out any of the words underneath the name. What's it say?

    Sweet Cafe at Pacific Sq. gone, ramen coming soon. [Richmond

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Yes - it is part of the chain. The words at the bottom list a new one opening soon in LA somewhere (Santa Monica?) and their Sherman Oaks location.
      I've been meaning to swing by to get an update on opening date - havent had a chance.

      1. re: dolcetto

        Nothing posted yet and no work going on as of this AM.

    2. Went for lunch today. Got spicy tonkatsu ramen with extra broth and dried seaweed. A friend ordered chicken ramen with extra broth and broccoli. With tip, the bill came to $15/person. The broth was good and flavorful. Those eating around us commented how little meat came with each order. I concurred. My ramen had two thin pieces of pork and half a boiled egg. I paid $1 for three pieces of dried seaweed, each about 2 square inches.

      Service was terrible. My friend's broccoli came when we were almost done with our ramen. A lady at the next table noticed the staff dropping a soup spoon on the floor as she was setting up a new table. This waitress simply picked up the spoon from the floor, wiped it on her apron and placed it on the table for the next party of three customers. But for the witness insisting that the staff replace the dirty spoon, the restaurant was going to treat it like a nuisance complaint. The waitress denied her behavior. The manager came out and dismissed the incidence due to inexperienced staff.

      While the food was good, it was not great. I thought it expensive for what we got. The sanitary issue alone would discourage me from going back.


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        1. re: od_sf

          sobo ramen has tonkatsu tonkotsu ramen, but i guess it's on the side. you're probably right in this case :)

          maybe they've misspelled it on the menu like Genki, to further confuse people. i've actually told the Genki staff it was misspelled, but i guess they didn't care that much.

      1. In the neighborhood on Monday, I had a chance to try the East Bay’s newest ramen-ya. Tamashii is located in a prime spot, right across from the Ranch 99 check out stands.

        I ordered the Black Tonkotsu ramen, $10.95, made with pork bone broth topped with black garlic oil. While emulsified to a milky tone from 15 hours of boiling, the tonkotsu stock’s a light, not as salty and less fatty style. This felt Chinese-y to me, as if tailored for the Sino-palate. Made without MSG, the flavor was pleasant enough but not as deep and rich as it could be. The black garlic was not nearly as robust as Maru Ichi’s kuro ramen.

        As noted in the other post, chashu was two smallish pieces. Striated with fat, the pork was slightly overdone, breaking apart too easily.

        The seasoned egg was textbook with a runny yolk and tender white seasoned lightly in a shoyu-based marinade. Only a half, I would probably add an extra next time, as the toppings on the standard bowl are rather scant. The only other ingredients included green onions, kikurage and the noodles.

        This turned out to be a fairly simple bowl of ramen. What really makes one sit up and pay attention though is the excellent quality of the noodles. Knowing I’d not tasted these anywhere else around here, I found out that they’re fresh noodles imported from Japan. No alkali and no preservatives, my server said they have a short shelf life. They’re medium thick, straight, and have a yellowish cast. The very dense texture’s satisfyingly elastic with a clean bite. And the ramen did not turn soft in the hot stock.

        I would agree that prices are on the high side, plus there’s a $2 charge for insipid hot tea. Also the portion size is small. While the individual serving bowls have a wide profile, they’re quite tapered on the bottom and the surface of the soup is nearly 3” below the rim, as shown here. The volume is quite a bit less than the initial illusion.

        My server suggested that I try the miso ramen or shoyu tonkotsu next time if I want a heavier soup base. Tamashii enters the ramen ranking at #27.

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        92. Oidon, 71 E. 4th Avenue, San Mateo
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        97. Asuka Ramen, 883 Bush St, San Francisco (closed)
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        102. Mama-san!, 312 8th Ave, San Francisco (closed)
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        104. Hotei, 1290 9th Ave, San Francisco
        105. Bear's Ramen House, 2521 Durant, Berkeley

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          If they're not alkaline noodles, what would make them yellowish?

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I had the same reaction and asked if there was egg yolk in the noodles. No to that too.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Did it seem like the staff really understood what alkaline noodles are?

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Yes, because I used the Japanese words and Chinese words.

            2. re: Robert Lauriston

              The articles about Sun Noodle say that some places custom order noodles with Vitamin B2.

            3. re: Melanie Wong

              Melanie, where would you rank Ramen Underground (Kearny @ Bush, SF)? Or does it not make the cut?

              1. re: barleywino

                Can't speak for Melanie (or to Ramen Underground, which I haven't tried), but with Bear's Ramen House in Berkeley's Asian Ghetto at the bottom (instant noodle blocks. powdered broth), it would be hard not to make the cut . . .

                1. re: drewskiSF

                  Very true! ;)

                  I haven't been to Ramen Underground in FiDi. The branch in Japantown is dreadful.

            4. We like this place and go on a regular basis. You can have extra ingredients added to ramen which is nice. We have tried several dishes but our favorite is the Spicy Tonkotsu ramen, ordered spicy with black garlic oil, extra green onion and soft boiled egg. We had this yesterday. The broth was rich, flavorful and comforting. The smokey black garlic oil adds another layer of complexity to the rich spicy flavor profile. The dish was rich, satisfying and filling but not overly heavy and was not overloaded with MSG.

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              1. re: Ridge

                It's a very solid choice. As noted above the noodles are different and better than the usual suspects around here. I need to go back and try another soup stock.

              2. Absolutely - it's now established and has some of the freshest sushi and exquisite dishes. It's definitely a hidden gem in the Pacific East Indoor Mall. I heard of it through a friend and I have gone back with my family at Lear seven or eight times. Traditional with a sense of contemporary art infused in its food. Yeah, great!