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Jun 13, 2013 07:56 PM

A brief note about Jang Su Jang - naeng myun and more [Santa Clara]

My ex, who's Korean American, works for Samsung and says their recruiters love this upscale BBQ joint. On a recent scorching Saturday I had a craving for mul naeng myun, cold noodles in broth, and it turned out my favorite place had closed, so I headed here. (BBQ and naeng myun traditionally go together.)

Jang Su Jang is a sleek place with grill and non-grill tables. The menu is broad, with naeng myun, stews, BBQ and currently, a special on samgyetang, stewed Cornish hen with ginseng and sweet sticky rice.

The BBQ smelled delicious and I would have loved a combo, but they don't offer one on weekends and it would have been another $20 for BBQ so I passed. But I was quite pleasantly surprised by the naeng myun. The beef broth was very flavorful (you add a squirt of vinegar and mustard to perk it up) and, more significantly, the slices of pressed boiled beef were actually good. This is typically the same beef used to make the broth and almost inevitably is tasteless and rubbery. Here, they didn't completely cook the flavor out and it also retained a bit of texture. Very nice.

Jang Su Jang
3561 El Camino Real #10, Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 246-1212

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  1. Thanks for posting about Jang Su Jang. I've tried it once, two years ago. I remember at the time asking if there was a website because I'd been unable to find one. The owner or manager sheepishly said that he was kinda embarassed that he hadn't gotten around to it, being in Silicon Valley and all. Good to see that it's online now.

    Some photos:

    We had the short rib and prime rib eye steak BBQ. The waitresses did the grilling for us. William agreed with me that the rib eye wasn't really worth it, as we enjoyed the short rib much more, and it was pretty pricey. Other than that, we liked it alot and I wonder why I've not made my way back.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      in the interim, they opened a second location in Milpitas!

      haven't tried it yet. i do like the original.

      Jang Su Jang
      269 W Calaveras Blvd
      Milpitas, CA 95035
      (408) 262-3434

    2. I have been a couple of times with someone who knew the history of Jang Su Jang. Told they have others sites in SoCA and import there meat from LA telling me that it was better then anything found here. I remember that there kim chee pancake stood out.

      I do think that Korean food in the LA area is better then anything up here. But I hope that changes. Had great Korean food in LA this week.

      1. I think it was Jang Su Jang where I got a steaming pile of blood sausage. It's next to a famous korean market? The sausage was pretty good and had a lot of the bloody taste, a touch of iron and a creamy unctuous feeling like the smell of lilies.

        The plate was so piled that I ate a few there, took it home, ate warmed over sausage a few times, then threw away about a pound of it.

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        1. re: bbulkow

          How was the sausage prepared? Steamed/boiled or fried/grilled?