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Jun 13, 2013 07:40 PM

best take-out sandwiches to take on the train?

What are your favourite sandwiches to take on the train? I'd especially like recs for sandwiches that are still pretty good the day after, since I'd probably be buying the sandwich the afternoon or evening before a morning train.

I've bought eggplant parm sandwiches at Mustachio's in SLM, and I know the Bifana would also be a contender.

I'd think Black Camel sandwiches might be prone to sogginess.

Ideally, I'm looking for something within a few blocks of the Yonge subway line south of York Mills.

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  1. Friendly Butcher make great peameal and steak n' cheese that still taste phenomenal next day.

    Bread & Butter in Davisville is also a good deli and uses quality bread. Their schnitzels don't compare to Mustachio's though.

    1. Why not ask a good sandwich shop, like Thuet, to make you a deconstructed sandwich? So you could put together two or three pouches, into the roll on the train.

      1. Are you bringing a freezer bag with you? Because if you are, that opens you up to different options.

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          I might bring my reusable bento box.

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            I know that you asked about sandwiches, but left over chinese or pizza is always a good thing to take on a long trip.

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              Thanks, kwass. Maybe I'll try to visit Bitondo's or Danforth Pizza House, and take the leftovers with me on my trip. :-)

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                I decided to go with your leftovers idea, since I didn't have time to get to Bitondo's. I ordered take-out from Tabule for dinner, including a chicken in a pita sandwich for the next day. When I ordered, I let Tabule know I'd be eating the pita sandwich the next day, and they recommended the beef or chicken over their other fillings, since they'd be less likely to make the pita soggy. They packaged the tahini and dressing separately, so I could add them on the train. The chicken in a pita and leftover tabule made a great lunch to bring on the train.

                1. re: prima

                  I'm so glad to hear that!! Glad it all worked out :)

          2. I've taken the Panini from Boccone (Yonge, S of St Clair) on a plane before - but never kept them overnight.

            1. Thanks for all the ideas so far. :-)