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Jun 13, 2013 07:20 PM

Good for Dinner in Temecula?

My sister and I like to have dinner out on the weekends, and we would like to explore the Temecula area (we are based in San Bernardino, CA).
We are usually adventurous, but would like to start out with "classic" (perhaps "wine country?) fare.
Anyone have some nice suggestions out there?

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  1. Anthony's Lounge is in nearby Murrieta with pretty classic Italian. One of the few places around there that doesn't feel like a chain.

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      Second on Anthony's. Great lounge with live music and Wonderful food selection of wines. Owner, Anthony, is the best. Wonderful homey and neighborhood joint to spend the evening

    2. Gourmet Italia is a superior eatery. My wife and I have been there several times and never been disappointed with their lunch or dinner. Excellent wine service also.

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      1. If you want something simple try Earth Bistro

        1. It's been a while since my last visit, but we really liked Sorrel Bistro on Margarita .

          For homey diner fare, try Richie's Diner on Murrieta Hot Springs Rd

          More upscale and pricy is the restaurant at the Temecula Creek Inn, Their executive chef recently appeared on :Chopped"

          1. If you accidentally spend all your money on wine, you can still go to Tacos El Gordo and have something adventurous for the change in your ashtray and whatever's fallen under your car seats.

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              Thanks for all the replies so far, guys!
              We'll be trying one of these soon.