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Jun 13, 2013 07:18 PM

A place to meet my boss and his wife for drinks near le Maurice

By chance my boss and his wife will be in Paris the same time my family and I will be there. (Our son is graduating from Sci Po.. Yes we are proud) we are going to meet them for drinks on a Sunday evening. Any suggestions? I want to impress them by recommending a great place that will be memorable, not necessarily over the top fancy, just very Paris. Unique. They've never been to Paris before. Any ideas?

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  1. (Welcome back... how was Kremlin-Bicêtre ?) :)

    The Bar 228 in le Meurice is perfect for meeting the boss. But I'm not sure whether any upscale hotel bar is uniquely parisien... you can find the same classic tone and style in lots of major cities around the world. Simply because the setting is so impressive, the terrace bar at Mini-Palais in the Grand Palais might qualify... 15-minute walk from the Meurice ... and you get the postcard-perfect view of the Pont Alexandre III and les Invalides as a backdrop when arriving and leaving. For the sheer flavour of Paris, I'm a big big BIG fan of the Piano Bar at the Closerie des Lilas on the boulevard du Montparnasse... but would require a taxi ride from le Meurice... not a bad thing since the route would include some very panoramic patches.

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      I second Bar 228, for a Martini or two, but you may want to check out Harry's New York Bar and Le Rubis (wine only).

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        Hi Oak; I'd vote against Harry's (despite the Hemingway/Fitzg, etc memories); I find it depressing. Le Meurice is much more uplifting.

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        Still remember a glorious night at Closerie des Lilas where the piano was playing and all the men and women were smoking Cuban cigars at the street side tables.

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          All these suggestions are lovely. We may leave it up the weather and a last minute call. K-B worked out well. He's since moved to more glamorous digs and has become a budding foodie thanks to the French labor law of having to feed interns lunch. "Mom... have you ever tasted bone marrow" ...*sigh* "yes, my son" :)

      3. In the Grand Hotel facing the old Opera Garnier, not in the shabby cafe but inside the hotel under the art nouveau verrerie (glass roof).
        Or at the downstars bar of the Laperouse, the most beautiful spot, and historical, of paris.
        Or the hotel Costes bar
        Or the bar in the hotel called L'Hotel.
        and congratulations. Very happy for you.

        1. A hot tip 5 min walk away : le Baudelaire bar at Le Burgundy (rue Duphot), great bartender, style galore

            1. Bar le passage, senderens' upstairs on place de la strikes me as matching your description exactly.

              I would have recommended the Hemingway bar, but the ritz is closed.

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                "Bar le passage" Perfect - nice atmosphere, quiet, cool.