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Jun 13, 2013 03:15 PM

Oakland Chinatown--best of, by restaurant

I eat in Oakland Chinatown fairly often, but I eat the same thing at the same restaurants over and over. Thought I'd list where I go and what I like, and encourage others to do the same. Here goes.

Gum Kuo-- this is my go-to.

Any soup, their broth is sensational and their wontons plump, juicy, homemade. Their noodle dishes are good as well--I like Singapore rice noodles and any chow mein.

Best Taste--

special double steamed soup and claypot rice. Have had BBQ while waiting for the claypot and found it undistinguished.

Gum Wah--

Claypot rice. I like it a little better than Best Taste.

Gourmet Delight--

Dim sum. Best in Chinatown that isn't Peony, which is expensive and hit-or-miss, as well as every once in a while it feels like gweilos aren't welcome. Peony that is.

New Gold Medal--

Nothing that distinguished, but the Gold Medal claypot from the 3-fer menu is pretty good.

Every once in a while I go to Shan Dong for Shandong chicken and steamed dumplings and such. That's about it for me. How about you guys?

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  1. Best things at Gum Kuo are the rice congee (jook), especially the congee with shredded pork and thousand year old egg, and the made to order rice noodle rolls (cheung fun) IMO. I also like the dry fried beef ho fun and the salted fish fried rice. A bit of a carb overload.

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      Forgot about the made to order rice noodle rolls! Really good. I like the chix and salt fish fried rice too. Also the chix and pineapple fried rice.

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        Those are my EXACT favorites there too! Add a crueller with the jook.

      2. Usually find myself at Golden Lotus, where everything is good. Skip getting rice and instead get the rice clay pot. Then get whatever you want.

        Also enjoy Rang Dong. The wonton noodle soup is awesome.

        Shan Dong gets it done for greasy chinese. Westlake soup rocks. Obvi the dumplings. The chicken is OK, but I prefer their shrimp and green beans.

        Really sucks that China Village is still closed, I wish there was something comparable in Oakland Chinatown. I tried Spices 3 but it wasn't as good.

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        1. re: hungree

          hungree...what will you order at China Village when it re-opens?


          1. re: Mission

            oh man, everything!

            I used to really like the boiled beef, fish, spicy cabbage, chong qing chicken, sesame cake, cumin lamb... pretty standard order when we had a big enough crew.

            I'm interested in exploring more of the menu once it reopens since I did a poor job of diversifying back when we all took China Village for granted and thought we could just get something else "next time."

            1. re: Mission

              Fish with black bean sauce eaten with generous amounts of the hot sauce on tables (satay?).

              Any pork belly dish.

          2. Almost always getting food to go and always from Gum Wah.

            Roast pork - from the rib section, but even the shoulder can be good.

            Steamed chicken with ginger sauce

            Roast duck

            1. Man, I was hoping this thread would have more replies. Where is Melanie, Robert, et al. Help a brother out!

              1. Banh Cuon Tay Ho is good in general for vietnamese food. The Banh Cuon is good, the banh xeo, and bun rieu.